WHO@ Newsletter - February 7, 2011

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .It was the title that got me
Surf and turf: Dead cow washes up on Seattle shore

Authorities in Seattle say bovine met the shoreline when beachfront residents found the body of a 400-pound cow washed up by the surf.

Seattle Animal Shelter enforcement supervisor Ann Graves says animal control officers received a report Thursday that the carcass of an adult cow had beached in West Seattle.

The tide later moved it in front of a home.

A Seattle Police Department Harbor Patrol vessel towed the cow to a boat ramp Saturday, where it was loaded onto a rendering truck. Graves say it had no ear tag or other identification.

It's not clear how it got in the water. Graves say it could have been dumped by owners after it died naturally.

The beached bovine was first reported by West Seattle Blog.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

New Tool Makes Online Stalking Easier - 02/07/11
You say your life is an open book, you don't give a damn about privacy, and you welcome complete strangers into the deepest darkest caverns of your Internet existence? Have I got a service for you.

Hell hath no fury: Girl gets revenge on ex-boyfriend by spamming Google with his image - 02/07/11
It may be a tale as old as time but, in a modern version of 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned', a teenage boy's ex-girlfriend has wreaked her revenge by spamming Google with his image. Using a picture of hapless Jack Weppler, his former partner has pasted his image all over the search engine under such unloving messages such as 'I can't read', claiming unfashionable rocker Kenny Loggins 'is my saviour' and he's working in the gym 'on my two pack'.

Beware of the hack trap - 02/07/11
Don't fall for that elusive e-mail with an enticing subject line asking for your personal details. It's a cyber criminal who is using a facade to lure you into a trap. Don't just delete the mail, report it to the cyber cell

King County cyberstalker pleads guilty - 02/05/11
On February 4, 2011, the King County Prosecuting Attorney's office posted: "Convicted cyberstalker William T. Pritchard pleaded guilty this morning to Cyberstalking First Degree with Sexual Motivation and Extortion First Degree with Sexual Motivation (10-1-04460-1) for stalking and threatening young women he met on the internet. Sentencing is scheduled for March 4 at 1 p.m. before Judge Bruce Heller at the King County Courthouse, courtroom E-746. Prosecutors will recommend a sentence of five years in prison." The courthouse is located at: 516 - 3rd Avenue, Seattle, WA

Staten Island attorney and ACS deputy accused of impersonating woman on lesbian dating site - 02/05/11
A Rosebank attorney, deputy director of the city’s Administration for Children’s Services and a former military JAG lawyer ripped by the Pentagon for his handling of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal is in legal hot water over charges that he impersonated a Staten Island woman on a lesbian dating Web site.

Facebook page shut down after Corby boy's drugs arrest - 02/05/11
A teenager has been released on bail after being questioned by police about the supply of illegal drugs via the Facebook social media website.

Sacked for Googling 'knockers': The civil servant caught out by laptop snooping software - 02/05/11
An Australian civil servant has been sacked for Googling the word knockers. The worker was caught out by a government computer program which logs any use of the word 'knockers' and other banned search terms. But he argued in court on Friday that his dismissal was a gross breach of privacy, because the illicit search took place at his home out of work hours.

How Not To Get Sued For Stealing Content On The Internet - 02/04/11
If you’re looking for blogging best practices, there’s certainly no shortage of them on the Web. Experts will line up for miles to tell you how to blog, how to find an audience, and even how to sell to that audience once you have one.

Teen charged with computer crimes - 02/04/11
A Deville teen was arrested Jan. 29 and was charged with several computer crimes, said Rapides Parish Sheriff Chuck Wagner. Christopher Anthony Dauzat Jr., 17, was arrested by the CyberCrimes section of the Rapides Sheriff's Office Detective Division and charged with computer tampering, computer fraud, cyberstalking and extortion.

Pupils defy ban on Little Gossip website as schools STILL listed - 02/04/11
Pupils at leading private schools are still using a controversial website to spread malicious rumours about their peers – even though it was supposed to have banned them. LittleGossip allows teenagers to write anonymous tittle-tattle about other youngsters’ sex lives, looks and drug habits.

Teens Arrested For Facebook Death Threats - 02/03/11
Mistakenly believing that a middle school classmate had caused the arrest of a friend, a quartet of Florida teenagers exchanged Facebook messages discussing the killing of the suspected “snitch,” according to police.

Hutchison introduces new anti-stalking bill - 02/03/11
Sens. Kay Bailey Hutchison , R-Texas, and Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., introduced anti-stalking legislation Thursday that would stiffen the penalties for some offenders and allow for greater prosecution against cyber predators. If passed, the bill would increase the maximum sentence by five years for offenders who target minors or the elderly and for those who violate a protective order. Additionally, law enforcement could prosecute an act of stalking that would "reasonably be expected" to cause serious emotional distress.

Police hold man over Churchill fake signatures - 02/03/11
British police have arrested a 65-year-old man suspected of forging the signature of wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill in books and then attempting to sell them on eBay or directly to buyers.

Facebook bullies: With 6 arrests in 2 incidents, nothing virtual about cyberstalking - 02/03/11
Teenagers give little thought to the boundaries between their online and offline lives, according to Russell Sabella, a professor at FGCU’s counseling school. Schoolyard bullies become Facebook bullies, Sabella contends, even though their Internet taunts and threats remain widely visible to whoever visits their page. “They don’t view this as being offline or online,” the professor said.

Facebook curse on politician gets Nigerian man arrested - 02/03/11
A man who used Facebook to put a curse on a Nigerian politician has been jailed, raising fears of a crackdown on freedom of speech ahead of crucial elections. Moukhtar Ibrahim Aminu was arrested in the northern state of Jigawa for being a public nuisance, police spokesman Abdul Jinjiri said.

‘Dating’ Site Imports 250,000 Facebook Profiles, Without Permission - 02/03/11
How does a unknown dating site, with the absurd intention of destroying Facebook, launch with 250,000 member profiles on the first day?
You scrape data from Facebook.

Fayetteville man arrested in Yellville for Internet stalking - 02/01/11
Marion County authorities arrested 24-year-old Cody Wayne Miller of Fayetteville Monday after he arrived for a prearranged meeting with what he thought was a 14-year-old girl, according to Marion County Sheriff Roger Vickers.

Gaudet Middle School Student Charged with Cyberstalking Teacher on Facebook - 02/01/11
The Middletown Police Department arrested a 10-year-old Gaudet Middle School student on Monday for allegedly stealing his teacher’s cell phone and posting “derogatory and harassing falsehoods” on her personal Facebook page, according to the arrest record.

Cyberstalking your ex? You're not alone - 02/01/11
Did you ever have an ex that seemed to hang on in your life, like a bout of the crud that you just can't shake? Did it seem like he/she kept popping up in your Facebook news feeds and photos, or through e-mails with mutual friends? Or that worse, he/she was in your thoughts like an out-of-control Twitter virus?

It Is Hard to Get Over Someone When You Keep Online Stalking Them - 02/01/11
Boy, does technology make stuff complicated these days! For instance, in the old days, you'd get dumped by someone and then never have to see his face again, except on the off-chance that you were scavenging about the grocery store having not showered for the past two days, and he was shopping for dinner with his hot new girlfriend. But now, now that we have the Internet, you can't get away from your exes! You are inexplicably drawn to them! You keep going back for more...


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