True Crime Online Newsletter - February 5, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Hemingway's gate for sale on eBay

A Florida charity is auctioning the original gate from Ernest Hemingway's Key West home on eBay.

The auction, which had a high bid of $2,877.99 with eight days left to go Thursday afternoon, states the gate was formerly a part of the brick wall built around the writer's home in 1935, which is now the Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum.

The museum replaced the gate because it allowed cats to escape the property and the relic was donated to Helpline, a non-profit Key West phone line aimed at giving information and referrals to people in crisis.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

College-cyber bullying, national concern - 02/04/13
When one thinks of bullying, one may imagine a defenseless kid rushing to his bike after school to avoid a group of tough tyrants. Rarely is bullying thought of in a university environment. In November 2012, the International Bullying Prevention Association sponsored a conference in Kansas City, with a session specifically about bullying on college campuses. Former board member for the UMKC Women’s Center, Trish Madsen, M.S., is now a community educator who has specialized in bullying prevention for 14 years, speaking to more than 80,000 students, parents and teachers.

Police study Facebook page of 16-year-old girl murdered in frenzied stabbing as 22-year-old man is charged with her killing - 02/03/13
A man has been arrested in connection with the death of Sasha Marsden, the 16-year-old who was found knifed to death in a back alley in Blackpool.. David Minto, 22, of Blackpool, has been charged with murder and has been remanded into custody to appear before Blackpool Magistrates Court tomorrow morning. The Crown Prosecution Service authorised Lancashire Constabulary to charge a man with the murder earlier today.

The Cyberstalking Epidemic: Worried? You Should Be - 02/01/13
In the movie "Silver Linings Playbook," Bradley Cooper plays a man with a restraining order obsessing over his estranged wife. He schemes to get a letter delivered to her, runs past her house, skulks around her workplace and acts like a full-fledged maniac. But he doesn't know how to use Facebook, apparently, because it's much easier to stalk online.

Theft victim failed by police turns detective to track down crook who stole £15,000 of farm equipment and tried to sell it on eBay - 02/01/13
When Craig Parkinson had thousands of pounds worth of equipment stolen from his farmyard, the police took a statement, gave him a crime reference number, and drew up a list of the missing items. But when a week later they appeared no nearer to catching the culprit, Mr Parkinson decided to take matters into his own hands. The farmer and part-time mole catcher logged onto internet auction sites and searched first for a pressure washer similar to the one that had been stolen.

'Monday: Got stalked, again': Facebook fears of schoolgirl, 12, 'before she was abducted by two men' - 02/01/13
Two men have been arrested on suspicion of abduction after a 12-year-old girl who had complained of being stalked went missing from her home. Kerry Goddard vanished at 10pm last night and her family raised the alarm when she failed to return to her home in Fownhope, Herefordshire.

'Hacktivists' who caused multi-million pound losses to PayPal and other websites in cyber attacks walk free from court - 02/01/13
A man who hacked into PayPal and other major websites causing multi-million pound losses, has walked free from court today. Jake Birchall was just 16-years-old when he was part of a computer gang called Anonymous that launched a series of devastating cyber attacks dubbed Operation Payback that ‘caused unprecedented harm’ to Visa, MasterCard and the online payment firm PayPal.

We're tweeting live from HR... where we're being fired! Angry HMV staff hijack account as firm announces redundancies - 01/31/13
Its demise has been widely blamed on online shopping. And yesterday the internet caused further problems for struggling HMV – when staff hijacked the firm’s Twitter account to post a blow-by-blow account of mass sackings at head office.

Crime suspect on the run from police taunts them on Facebook with his own Wild West-style wanted poster - 01/31/13
A suspect who has been on the run from the police for more than two months is bragging about his fugitive status on Facebook. Anthony Swinburn, 28, boasts of enjoying a top-of-the-range Sky TV package and his girlfriend’s alleged cannabis habit. He has mocked police efforts to find him by posting his own ‘Wanted’ poster on the website.

Man arrested on charges of stalking Oviedo city manager - 01/31/13
After months of investigation, a man was arrested yesterday morning and charged with aggravated stalking - a stalking incident, officials say, that directly targeted Oviedo's city manager. William Breazeale, an east Orlando resident, was arrested yesterday on counts of aggravated stalking, cyber stalking, harassment and threats of death to a victim - a victim that happened to be William's wife and the current city manager of Oviedo, Kathryn Breazeale.

Conviction of cyberbully who harassed New York University professor and academic rival of his father mostly upheld by appeals court - 01/31/13
Raphael Golb, a disbarred attorney and son of Dead Sea Scrolls scholar Norman Golb, had one identity theft count of the 30 total charges, including criminal impersonation, forgery and aggravated harrasment, for impersonating NYU professor Lawrence Schiffman and sending phony emails.

Giovanna Plowman, 'Tampon Girl' Commits Suicide over Twitter, Facebook Cyber Bullying? Death Hoax Claims Infamous Viral Fame-Seeker - 01/31/13
Earlier this month, 15-year-old Giovanna Plowman became an instant internet sensation when she posted a rather disturbing video of herself sucking on a used, bloody tampon. Thousands of "haters" responded on Facebook and Twitter while Plowman continued to bask in her newfound 15-minutes of viral fame. Now, a shady report on the Internet Chronicle claims that Plowman recently committed suicide due to all of the "ceaseless" cyber bullying brought on by the "heartless masses."

Headmaster of £18,000-a-year girls' school 'was sacked for breaching his own social networking rules by commenting on Facebook group called BRAS' - 01/30/13
The sacked principal of an exclusive girls-only boarding school allegedly breached his own rules on social networking by commenting on an appreciation page dedicated to himself - called BRAS. Bernie Routledge commented on the page called the Bernie Routledge Appreciation Society - set up by pupils at another school - while head of the Howell's School in Denbigh north Wales, an employment tribunal has heard.

Sextortionist blackmailed 350 women to strip then took pictures of them via Skype - 01/30/13
A man accused of blackmailing hundreds of women into stripping for him as he watched over the internet could face a 105 year prison sentence. So-called 'sextortionist' Karen 'Gary' Kazaryan, 27, is said to have coerced more than 350 young women into showing him their naked bodies by hacking into their Facebook and e-mail accounts, posing as a friend, and coaxing them to strip as he watched via Skype - often capturing images of them shedding their clothes.

Prostitutes openly using Facebook and Twitter to sell sex 'are putting children at risk' - 01/30/13
New fears about the effect Facebook could have on children have arisen after it emerged that prostitutes have been using the site to advertise their services. Social media has been flooded with hundreds of pages operated by sex workers, visible to any web user. While it has always been difficult to avoid adverts for prostitutes in sites such as phone boxes, the rise of social networking has made it even easier to access explicit content.

Woman who impersonated Sask. beauty queen on Facebook to con men banned from using Internet - 01/30/13
A Saskatoon woman who created a fake Facebook profile using photos of a pageant contestant - and conned young men hoping for dates into giving her money - is banned from using the Internet for the next six months. Melissa D. Brandon, 26, pleaded guilty Tuesday in Saskatoon provincial court to impersonating Brittany Bjerland by using Miss Saskatchewan photos that Brandon found online to create the fake Facebook page. She operated the page between June 2011 and January 2012.

Warson Woods Resident Reports Online Harassment - 01/29/13
A resident of the 1400 block of Frontenay Court called police to report phone harassment. Authorities said someone with the same last name as the reporting party had posted an inappropriate video online and other parties began posting the resident's name, address and phone number in posts and blogs on other sites alleging it was his daughter.

Instagram tool of alleged teen cyber-bully arrested in Colorado - 01/29/13
A 15-year-old Colorado boy is accused of cyber-bullying using Instagram, the photo-sharing app. Arvada police say the teen, a student at Ralston Valley High School, was charged with five counts of third-degree harassment, CBS Denver reports. The charges stem from a so-called "burn book" - like the one featured in the movie Mean Girls. In this case, the alleged bullying youth created postings on Instagram under the user name "anonymous."

Cyber-stalking, data mining, Spoof Cards .. oh my! - 01/29/13
Shopping online for a child’s birthday present. Sharing photos from a vacation. Downloading movies. Using Loopt on a cell phone to see if friends are nearby and want to meet up for coffee. Retuning a missed call from a Caller ID list.

Detroit man charged with cyberstalking 18 victims - 01/28/13
The number of victims linked to an accused cyberstalker from Detroit has increased to 18, and the defendant now faces additional charges of producing child pornography. James S. Allen was charged last year with cyberstalking 10 local women and girls, but a new federal indictment puts the number of victims at 18 and includes new allegations of producing child pornography.

The Digital Safety Gap and the Online Harassment of Women - 01/28/13
Men Who Hate Women was the original language name of The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo. When the book was to be published in English the name was changed. Which is why I have a "Dumb Cunt" folder on my computer. It's jarring to see it there next to "Kids Stuff" and "Work Docs." But, this is where I file away copies of misogynistic messages and threats that I get via email, Facebook, Twitter and comments.


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