True Crime Online Newsletter - February 25, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Woman, 104, forced to lie about age online

A Facebook spokesman apologized for a Michigan woman's inconvenience in being unable to list her actual birth year -- 1908.

Gail Marlow said her grandmother, Marguerite Joseph, 104, of Grosse Pointe Shores, registered for Facebook two years ago and the furthest date back the social networking site would let her use was 1928, WDIV-TV, Detroit, reported Thursday.

Marlow, who reads and responds to the Facebook messages on her grandmother's behalf, said the woman is legally blind and hard of hearing.

Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes said the company was unaware of the issue before learning of Joseph's difficulty.

"We are working on a fix for this and we apologize for the inconvenience," he said.

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Vietnamese bloggers face harassment - 02/25/13
Vietnam has the fastest growth in Facebook users anywhere in the world. It's just one sign of the explosion in internet use in Vietnam, where millions of blogs have popped up in recent years. But as web use grows, so does the government's intolerance of dissent. A major new report shows that political bloggers in Vietnam are routinely subjected to detention and harassment.

Pistorius tweet faked, says family - 02/24/13
A message purporting to be from Blade Runner Oscar Pistorius to his fans thanking them for their support was a fake, the Olympian's family has said. The athlete, released on bail on Friday after being charged with premeditated murder over the Valentine's Day death of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, has not issued any public comments.

British man, 24, arrested in Italy over murder of one man and the attempted murder of another after 'meeting them in gay internet chat rooms' - 02/23/13
A British man has been arrested in Italy on suspicion of killing one man and the attempted murder of another, according to reports. Jason Peter Marshall is the prime suspect in the murder of 68-year-old tour guide Vincenzo Iale who was strangled and stabbed to death in his flat on the outskirts of Rome. The 24-year-old was arrested last night after police traced him to a bus using his mobile phone signal.

Nine suspected kidney traffickers stand trial in China after 'recruiting 38 people via the internet to sell their organs for £3,200' - 02/22/13
Nine people have stood trial in China for allegedly selling their own kidneys on the black market and then recruiting others to sell theirs. Prosecutors allege the defendants, all of whom are under the age of 30, recruited people via the Internet to sell their kidneys in Hangzhou City. The kidney trafficking ring allegedly recruited 38 people dating back to November 2011, 11 of whom sold their kidneys before Hangzhou police made arrests in May 2012, Xinhua reported.

FBI agents caught sexting and dating drug dealers - 02/22/13
Disciplinary files from the Bureau's Office of Professional Responsibility record an extraordinary range of transgressions that reveal the chaotic personal lives of some of America's top law enforcers. One male agent was sacked after police were called to his mistress's house following reports of domestic incident. When officers arrived they found the agent "drunk and uncooperative" and eventually had to physically subdue him and wrestle away his loaded gun.

Woman accused of cyberstalking testifies at trial - 02/22/13
An Apex woman on trial for cyberstalking denied sending her ex-boyfriend and his family harassing email, making harassing calls or using online services to cloak her phone number and email address.

Anger as internet trolls continue online harassment despite jail warning - 02/21/13
ANONYMOUS internet trolls behind the controversial web sensation Spotted Merthyr are continuing to harass people living in the borough – despite being warned they could face jail if caught. Less than a day after the Express revealed the despicable levels of online bullying in Merthyr Tydfil, local Facebook-users continued to post illicit comments about people they know via the social networking site.

'Four lions' gang were led by 23-stone jihadi nicknamed 'Chubbs' who stayed home researching 'anarchists' cookbook' online because he was too fat to carry weapons - 02/21/13
The 'four lions' gang that planned the biggest terrorist atrocity the UK has faced in a generation was led by a 23-stone chemist deemed too fat to be a suicide bomber. Nicknamed 'Chubbs' and 'Big Irfan' by his fellow plotters, it was Irfan Naseer's bulky frame that helped him to work on his bomb-making skills while at training camps in Pakistan.

US Sheriff vows to get spanking fetish Australian man - 02/21/13
A FLORIDA sheriff says he won't rest until an Australian man accused of instructing the ''spanking fetish'' sexual abuse of two girls with a leather paddle is extradited to the US and sentenced to a lengthy jail term. Perth man Christopher Lobban, 54, allegedly met online girlfriend Robin Pagoria, a 46-year-old Florida prison guard, on the Spank-O-Life social network.

More than a quarter of teens in relationships report "digital abuse," study says - 02/20/13
Teens in relationships may be susceptible to being digitally abused by their boyfriends or girlfriends, according to a new study by the Urban Institute’s Justice Policy Center. The report examines the role technology plays in teen dating abuse and how abusers use tech - from social media to email and text - to intimidate, coerce and harass their partners.

Lawmaker's Facebook draws late night jokes - 02/20/13
A New Jersey lawmaker removed a pair of "likes" on his Facebook page after they were mocked by late night hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Jon Stewart.

Teens use iPhone to mimic police lights - 02/20/13
Florida police said they arrested a pair of teenagers accused of using an iPhone app to imitate police lights and pull over motorists near a mall. Naples police said an officer patrolling the parking lot of the Coastland Center Mall in Naples just prior to 7 p.m. saw a tan Ford Ranger pickup flashing red and blue lights behind another vehicle and recognized the driver as Ryan McMahon Schulze, 19, who is not in law enforcement, the Naples Daily News reported Wednesday.

Cyberstalking trial covers phone, Internet records - 02/20/13
Attorneys in the cyberstalking trial of a former High Point University student spent much of the morning going over phone and Internet records in Guilford County Superior Court. Meghan McCarthy, 25, of Apex is on trial on charges of cyberstalking, making harassing phone calls, computer trespass and identity theft.

Man Accused Of Cyber Stalking, Targeting Tennessee Woman - 02/19/13
All she did was answer her phone and suddenly her world turned upside down. "She was a complete and random victim," said Kristin Helm with the TBI. She is referring to Carrie Holt who lived more than six months in fear after police said a cyber stalker in Canada decided to target her.


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