True Crime Online Newsletter - February 11, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Woman, 105, Facebook's oldest user

A 105-year-old California woman believed to be Facebook's oldest user said she is trying to get 105,000 likes for a charity's page.

Edythe Kirchmaier, who is also California's oldest licensed driver and the oldest living former student of the University of Chicago, said Direct Relief, a Santa Barbara-based medical charity where she has been a volunteer for 40 years, set up a Facebook page for her in honor of her birthday last month, ABC News reported Thursday.

"I've been contacted by such wonderful people and received such nice messages and pictures from people all over the world," Kirchmaier said. "I'm so humbled by all the interest in me."

Kirchmaier said she is hoping her new Facebook friends will help popularize Direct Relief's fan page.

"I'm hoping to get 105,000 likes for the page," she said.

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12-Year-Old Emails Threat To Shoot & Kill Teacher - 02/11/13
Crisis counselors and extra staff were assigned to a San Diego County school after a 12-year-old boy was taken into custody over the weekend for allegedly threatening to shoot 23 students and a teacher. The extra staff was assigned to help students and teachers Monday at Twin Peaks Middle School in Poway.

Ex-cheerleader tackles Facebook harassment via YouTube - 02/11/13
After an unofficial Chicago Bears Facebook fan page posted a photo of Green Bay Packers cheerleader Kaitlyn Collins with a rude message, Collins decided to fight back, taking to YouTube to ask fans to stop the bullying. She talks about the video that got the post deleted and earned her an apology.

Young woman who photo-shopped her way into Silicon Valley elite: How she fooled industry into believing she was top investor by inserting herself into images of stars - 02/11/13
Mixing with Hollywood geek heroes such as Avengers director Joss Whedon and Buffy The Vampire Slayer star Eliza Dushku, Hornstein's social chameleon act was exposed when she began to boast of working for Silicon Valley guru and Napster creator Sean Parker. Sean Parker's Founders Fund took legal action against the would-be tech investor to stop her from ever claiming that she worked for them according to Gawker.Com.

Malice Without Cause: James Lasdun’s Memoir of Being Stalked - 02/10/13
When novelist and professor James Lasdun found himself the victim of a vicious online stalker, he saw his reputation destroyed and with no way to stop it. Emma Garman on his terrifying and mesmerizing new memoir about having his life destroyed.

USJ-R to allow student in scandal to graduate; calls for protection of other students being ‘harassed’ - 02/09/13
No penalty will be imposed on the female student whose private sex video went viral on the Web in a scandal that had officials of a Catholic university showing compassion instead of anger. Officials of the University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R) announced their support for the 24-year-old woman, saying she would be allowed to graduate next month once she completes all academic requirements. “The greater danger now is the one faced by all Josenians,” said Fr. Enrico Peter A. Silab, OAR, university president in a press conference yesterday.

Reece Elliott in court over threats to kill US children - 02/09/13
A British man has appeared in court charged with threatening to kill 200 American schoolchildren. Reece Elliott, 24, from South Shields, is alleged to have made the threat on Wednesday on a Facebook memorial to a Tennessee girl killed in a road crash.

Man jailed over extreme cyber harassment - 02/09/13
A US IT worker who posted nude photos of his ex-girlfriend online and advertised her and her sixteen-year-old as prostitutes for mother and daughter sex has been jailed for seven years.

Phoenix stalker faces up to 5 years in prison - 02/08/13
A Phoenix man pleaded guilty Friday to stalking a woman in Maryland for nearly five years. David Charles Richards, 49, used the Internet, telephone, e-mail and U.S. mail to stalk the woman and threaten to kill her, according to the FBI. The two had previously had a romantic relationship. Richards faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

Lorry driver texted a friend moments before he killed schoolgirl, 13, and deleted the messages as she lay dying - 02/08/13
A lorry driver who drove into a young girl as she tried to cross a road on her bike was texting a friend seconds beforehand. Darren Foster, 38, crushed Hope Fennell, 13, under the wheels of his HGV and then desperately deleted text messages he had sent from his phone in a bid to cover his tracks while the child lay dying.

18 years' jail for teen who stabbed parents and Googled how to get rid of a body - 02/08/13
A teenager who stabbed his brother to death before injuring his parents was jailed for life today. Andy Ho, who was then 16, broke two knives in the early morning attack at the family home. He was found guilty of murder and two counts of wounding with intent at the Old Bailey. Ho, who is now 18, was ordered to be detained during Her Majesty's Pleasure, with a minimum term of 18 years. Judge Peter Beaumont, the Recorder of London, told him: "You were undoubtedly suffering from stresses in your life.

Virginia Woman Files $20 Million Cyber Harassment Suit Against Ex-Boyfriend Bruce Stimon - 02/08/13
A Virginia woman has filed suit against her ex-boyfriend, claiming that he posted photos of her and her teenage daughter on prostitution sites and sent dozens of men to their home. The woman also says that her ex gave nude photos of her to her co-workers, her daughter and even her daughter’s friends.

Instagram Scam Swindles Furby Fans Out of $200,000 - 02/07/13
A toy craze led to a woman's arrest after victims were scammed out of $200,000 through an Instagram ad. Police say a Thai woman was arrested in connection with the scam after more than 60 people complained. The victims were conned out of around 6 million baht ($200,000), according to the

Racist jibes prompt Saga to scrap its social network ‘Facebook for the over 50s’ - 02/06/13
Saga has closed the social networking website it set up as a rival to Facebook for the over fifties because of what it said were “racist, homophobic and anti-semitic comments”. Paul Green, a spokesman for the company, explained: “There were some particularly vicious exchanges recently about the Middle East and some people were banned after accusations of making anti-semitic or anti-arab comments.

Strippers sue to keep personal files away from man in jail - 02/06/13
How much is too much information? A Tacoma man is asking for a pile of personal information on adult dancers throughout Pierce County. Despite his criminal past, Robert Hill claims he is legally entitled to know what the dancers look like and potentially where they live.

Sergeant pleads not guilty to charges - 02/06/13
A Barrington police sergeant has pleaded not guilty to charges cyberstalking and obstruction charges. Sergeant Joseph Andreozzi was released on $10,000 personal recognizance after he enetered the plea Wednesday at his Superior Court arraignment.

The police laughed when I said I had a woman stalker. But she's cost me my home, my girlfriend and my sanity - 02/06/13
My home, my relationship, my peace of mind. I have lost all three in the past few years through no fault of my own. But if I admit the reason, I have no doubt your reactions will vary from incredulity to derision. This is part of the difficulty of being the male victim of a female stalker: people find it amusing. How can a 6ft 3in, 39-year-old man fear a woman? Surely, I should be flattered by the attention?

Cops say West Palm woman rented out neighbor’s foreclosed home, collected more than $13,000 in rent - 02/05/13
A West Palm Beach woman is accused of commandeering her neighbor’s empty and foreclosed-upon home, renting it through Craigslist and collecting more than $13,000 in rent before the owner discovered the ruse and called the cops.


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