True Crime Online Newsletter - April 1, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Store criticized for Facebook suspect pic

A Swedish grocery store has removed a photo of a suspected thief from its Facebook page after the move was criticized.

The Ica store in Vastra Gotaland posted an image from a surveillance camera of a suspected thief with the comment "nice that you like our lamb and beef," leading to several comments, some of a racist nature, Swedish news agency TT/The reported Friday.

Other comments raised questions of whether sharing the image online was legal. The Association of Ica Retailers criticized the move.

"It is highly inappropriate and nothing that we would support. Regardless of whether it is illegal or not it is not appropriate to do so under the Ica brand," spokesman Staffan Ekengren said. "This is definitely something we will look into."

A police report was filed against the owner of the store Thursday for putting the image online and it was removed from the Facebook page that evening.

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Facebook and Twitter-linked sex crimes quadruple in four years as paedophiles exploit social network users - 04/01/13
Sex offences linked to Facebook and Twitter have more than quadrupled over the last four years, worrying new figures revealed today. A total of 1,642 cases where the social networking sites were used to commit a crime or were involved in some way afterwards have been reported to police since 2009. The number of cases each year soared from 139 to 614 over that period, while the number of alleged rapes has risen from 22 to 117.

Student 'advertised a mock rape sex fantasy on Craigslist then claimed to have been abducted and attacked' - 03/29/13
A student who advertised a sex fantasy on Craigslist involving a mock rape has been arrested after she later claimed to have been abducted and attacked. Police launched a search for an alleged attacker who wore a ski mask after Mary Kate Gullickson claimed she was the victim of a sexual assault.

Archers editor Vanessa Whitburn 'was cyber-bullied' - 03/29/13
The outgoing editor of The Archers has said she was "cyber-bullied" by listeners over the show's storylines. Vanessa Whitburn is retiring as the BBC Radio 4 programme's longest-serving editor after 22 years. Ms Whitburn admitted she had felt stress in the role at times but that "it does come with the territory".

Cyber Bullying on Instagram Case Reported To Tracy Police - 03/29/13
The Jefferson School District in Tracy is investigating an incident in which several girls allegedly hacked a social media site of a 12-year-old Jefferson School student and injected “sexually derogatory information” on the account. The incident came to light when the girl’s mother filed a police report so that she could close an Instagram account. Apparently, neither the mother nor the school district could get rid of the offending material on the photo-sharing social media app without a police report.

Cheating husband jailed for posting sex tape of his mistress online cyber bullies his wife FROM PRISON after she asks for a divorce - 03/29/13
The wife of an IT consultant currently serving a seven-year sentence for posting a sex tape of his ex-girlfriend online and advertising her as an escort, has revealed she too has been a victim of his cyber bullying since he was imprisoned in January. Kathleen Stimon, a school librarian in New Hampshire, has been married to Bruce Stimon, 47, for 22 years and they have a 13-year-old son together.

Insatiable Casanova: Teaching assistant, 47, calls in the police after Italian waiter lover harasses her to have sex 'morning, noon and night' - 03/29/13
=A teaching assistant had to get police to restrain her ‘insatiable’ lover after she dumped him for being too demanding in the bedroom. The 47-year-old mother of three, who was looking for love after the death of her husband, began a whirlwind romance with Italian waiter Giuseppe Morello, 43.

Conman, 75, jailed for selling a house he didn't even own and pocketing £90,000 - 03/28/13
A 75-year-old conman has been jailed for six years after pocketing £90,000 from the sale of a house he didn't even own. Brian Kiddell posed as the owner of the home in Newton Abbot, Devon, and put the house up for sale on the internet. The real owner had no idea what was going on until he happened to drive past the property and noticed an estate agent's For Sale board outside.

Bismarck man faces felony stalking charge for harassing women - 03/28/13
A Bismarck man recently released from custody for stalking women he found through online classified advertisements now faces a felony stalking charge for sending harassing messages to a Bismarck woman. Jeremy Ferderer, 33, was charged Wednesday with Class C felony stalking. The offense is a felony because Ferderer has a previous misdemeanor stalking conviction.

Cyberbullying of high school girls investigated by Colo. cops - 03/28/13
Students at a Fort Collins high school say a Facebook page led to a weekend of bullying for some female students, and although the page has since been taken down, police are investigating, CBS Denver reported. The station says the page included a lot of graphic content, including vicious and personal attacks.

Social media site Spillit among latest sources of cyberbullying - 03/28/13
“You’re ugly and fat. Get a life or kill yourself.” She stares at the computer monitor and cries. Feeling alone and hated, she locks her door and commits self-harm. The cyberbullying has begun. This is what our Internet society has become. Now, one is more confident behind a keyboard than out in the real world.

Email threats probe by cops - 03/28/13
Police have launched an investigation after a councillor on the Hamilton BID board has received sinister threats. Sources claim Councillor Anne Kegg has been targeted by a twisted cyber troll after replacing SNP councillor Lynn Adams on the Hamilton Business Improvement District board. Tory councillor Kegg was in February voted onto the board in favour of Councillor Adams following bitter in-fighting between Labour and the SNP.

Girls accused of cyber-bullying classmate on Instagram - 03/27/13,0,7433474.story
School officials in a Northern California community are investigating allegations of cyber-bullying involving the Instagram photo social media site. Several girls at Jefferson High School in Tracy allegedly hacked into the Instagram account of a classmate and injected “sexually derogatory information” there, according to Fox 40.

Bogus sugar daddy claimed to be oligarch's ex-SAS pal as he fleeced professional women of thousands after meeting them on dating websites - 03/27/13
With his wealth, glamorous lifestyle and friends in high places, Jonathan Price probably seemed too good to be true. Unfortunately for the women who fell for his charms, that’s exactly what he was. The serial conman posed as a rich ‘sugar daddy’ to trap a string of professional women and fleece them for tens of thousands of pounds.

'Stone her to death': Tunisian preacher demands protester, 19, is executed for posting topless pictures on Facebook - 03/27/13
A Ukrainian women's rights group is calling for a 'topless revolution' in Tunisia after a Muslim preacher demanded a girl who posted naked pictures of herself online be stoned because she is an 'epidemic'. FEMEN, which regularly stages high-profile naked protests, is declaring April 4 the day of 'relentless topless jihad against Islamism' in a bid to jump-start a new Arab Spring for women's rights.

San Diego DA Zeroes In On Stalkers - 03/26/13
A relationship ends and you're ready to move on, but your former partner won't stop following you, harassing you or calling you on the phone. Should you file a restraining order? One in 12 women will be stalked in their lifetimes and many stalkers are using online resources, such as social media, to find out information about their victims. San Diego County's District Attorney is offering a resource for victims in the form of a podcast. It provides information to help avoid becoming a stalking victim.

Teen cyberbully pleads guilty to terrorizing former Orono schoolmate - 03/26/13
A 17-year-old former Orono High School student was sentenced in court Tuesday for terrorizing a girl she thought was flirting with her boyfriend. May Callahan, who now lives in Scarborough, pleaded guilty to one count each of felony terrorizing and misdemeanor terrorizing during the juvenile justice proceeding at the Penobscot Judicial Center, according to Assistant District Attorney James Aucoin.

Girls of 13 pressured to pose for home-made blue movies: Teachers warn pornography is becoming part of everyday life - 03/26/13
Girls as young as 13 are facing pressure to appear in home-made porn movies, teachers warned yesterday. Young teenagers are also submitting to demands from boys for explicit photos which are often shared among friends and even placed on the internet for millions to view. A conference was told yesterday how easy access to depraved online content is destroying children’s innocence and changing how they perceive themselves and others.

CEO of East Windsor technology company accused of online harassment, stalking - 03/25/13
A Cranbury man is scheduled to appear in court next week to face charges of harassment and stalking for allegedly sending threatening e-mails and online messages to a North Carolina woman last year.


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