Kennebunkport Book Signing

Since I'm fulfilling previously scheduled book signings, I did one at Kennebunk Book Port in Kennebunkport, Maine (say that three times fast, ha ha).

Chris went with me and Rich, one of the owners of the bookstore, had let me know his order of my book from Ingram hadn't come in yet. Luckily, I had ordered a box of books for a signing on Tuesday and that had come in on Friday, so I brought that box with me.

Rich had me set up on the deck outside the store - thank goodness it was a gorgeous and cool day. Plus an umbrella over the table I was sitting at. Rich got Chris and I some mocha coffees and the three of us chatted for the next two hours. Rich is a funny guy and had some good stories to tell.

Every once in a while someone would come by and I'd talk with them, but not one book sold while I was there. Book signing is not glamorous believe me. And wonder of wonders - no weird person like I usually get at my signings!

Afterwards, Chris and I stopped in Wells to pick up dinner, then headed home. Chris made lobster pie (a recipe of his own making) and we relaxed and watched a tape of a new show called Psych - it's a nice twist on psychic detectives and is truly funny. We're hooked!


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