Snow snow snow; the ring

I swear, it's never going to stop snowing this winter, LOL!

Chris has been snow blowing and shoveling like a madman. He's also been doing a lot of work on the Jeep - removing the old white paint to prime it and paint it red (not a bright red, a darker red - it's a nice color). The top and trim will be black. He's taking photos of the work he's doing to keep track of it, which I'll post soon.

We're staying home tonight after visiting a bartending friend at the local VFW this afternoon. A fire in the fireplace, watch a movie, scratch Bandit and Guin's bellies and ears and just relax and be together. It's nice.

Like I wrote before, my engagement ring is hard to describe - the two photos at the end of this don't do it complete justice, but you'll get the drift. The center stone is a dark green emerald; the top band is nine emeralds going from a dark green to a very light green; the bottom band is five diamonds. I plan on getting a plain gold band to fit over it - this ring already has enough stones on it.

I've had some people ask why I didn't go with a diamond. Why is it that a diamond *has* to be an engagement ring? I swear the jewelry retailers have people convinced a $10,000-$20,0000 diamond engagement ring is the only answer. A friend's son-in-law ended up paying what she said was the equivalent of a Hyundai for a ring for her daughter because the jewelry store told him he *had* to get a more expensive one for one reason or another.

Pfft. I don't buy into the hype.

Princess Diana had a sapphire surrounded by diamonds. I like different. This is different. It suits me and I love it.

What's weird is that it turns out emerald is Chris' birthstone. I chose it because I like green. Like my friend V2 said, "You're a green lady, LOL." Yes, I am.

So, here's the ring:


Annette said…
I must admit that green is not my favourite colour but that ring is beautiful.

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