WHO@ Newsletter - September 6, 2010

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .How shocking
Pa. woman zaps self, brother with stun gun

Police said an Erie-area woman somehow managed to zap both herself and her brother with a stun gun during a drunken dispute. Darlene Newara, 45, will have a hearing Oct. 18 on charges including driving under the influence, disorderly conduct for fighting, and public drunkenness in the Aug. 8 incident.

State police said they responded to a disturbance outside an Erie-area store about 6 p.m. to find that Newara had been arguing with her brother and stunned him with the device, then accidentally shocked herself with it.

Police said she was intoxicated and had several unopened bottles of liquor in the vehicle with her three sons, who were not hurt.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Schools getting serious about new cyberbullying law -09/05/10
Parents, teachers and administrators will need to be vigilant to comply with the state's new anti-bullying law, designed to protect students from electronic intimidation that affects schools. The law requires school districts to approve policies to combat cyberbullying by Jan. 1. Schools are also be required, by April 1, to train teachers about the new policies and implement educational programs for students and parents on preventing and responding to bullying.

Stalker jailed after writing novel about victim - 09/04/10
A stalker wrote a blog about raping and murdering a woman he had been harassing in real life for two years. Greg Downing detailed the imagined attack on children's author Katharine Quarmby in an online novel.

Montana teen accidentally texts sheriff to buy pot - 09/03/10
General rule of thumb: when looking to buy marijuana, don't text the sheriff. Authorities said a Helena teen hit a wrong number and inadvertently sent a message to Lewis and Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton, saying "Hey Dawg, do you have a $20 I can buy right now?"

Woman wants cops to return naked photos from iPhone - 09/03/10
When Bridget Polaski stored naked pictures of herself on her cell phone, she never dreamed they would fall into the hands of cops. Now, the former Romeoville stripper and club manager said she wants them back. She even fears they will slap them on the Internet.

Man ordered to return nude photos of judge - 09/03/10
The man at the heart of a sex scandal rocking the Manitoba judiciary has a criminal history, involving convictions for arson and uttering death threats, and has a record of pursuing litigation. Alex Chapman, who this week launched a multi-million-dollar harassment lawsuit against a prominent Manitoba judge and her husband, told the National Post yesterday his convictions for arson, theft under $1,000 and uttering threats to kill in relation to a fire at his estranged wife's home in 1992 had been pardoned in 2001.

Newlywed 'murdered his wife of just five months after she discovered his affairs on Facebook' - 09/03/10
A man strangled his new bride after she discovered he was having an affair, a court has heard. Michael Roberts, 27, is then said to have concocted an elaborate charade to make it appear that Vicky, 25, his wife of five months, was still alive. He sent text messages from her phone to her concerned family and friends, saying she had left him for another man. oberts even had a tearful dinner with her parents while her dead body lay in their two-bedroom apartment, it is alleged.

Is Facebook Encouraging Cyber-Stalking? - 09/03/10
Facebook is currently testing a new feature that will let anyone be a cyber-stalker automatically, a ‘Subscribe to’ function. According to All Facebook, users will be able to subscribe to all the actions of a specific user, and receive notifications anytime that user performs actions on the social networking site.

Tweeting Texan First to Be Charged With Web Harassment Under New Law - 09/03/10
http://www.switched.com/2010/09/03/tweeting-texan-first-to-be-charged-with-web-harassment-thanks-to/A San Antonio man could become the first Texan prosecuted under a new state law protecting people against online harassment. According to The San Antonio Express-News, Mike Lavender, a former sports announcer, was recently charged with one count of online harassment for using a fake Twitter account to bother a 33-year-old reporter.

Cyberwar declared on the Duke of Rutland -09/03/10
We had an extremely rare case of Algerian hackers causing hilarity this week when they inadvertently hacked into and uploaded hate messages to the website of English stately home Belvoir Castle - the historic home of the Duke and Duchess of Rutland.

Former SDSU Student Arrested for Making Online Threats -09/03/10
A former San Diego State University student was arrested for allegedly threatening a faculty member over the Internet and barred from the campus, university police said Friday.

New Internet threats target millions engaged in banking online -09/02/10
An estimated 98 million Americans bank online, thanks to Web-based bill-paying, money transfers and other activities made possible by financial institutions and service providers. The convenience of completing these tasks at home helps simplify hectic schedules and provides customers with 24-hour account access.

'Hitman email' rings hollow, only thing at risk is money - 09/02/10
There are no shortage of email scams out there, but the latest one to make the rounds has some bite: a threat to kill the recipient. Kody Odgers of Gladstone recently contacted KATU News to say he had received a threat on his life via email and that the sender wanted $10,000 to call it off.

Cell phone spying: James Bond cool or cyberstalking tool? - 09/02/10
http://blogs.computerworld.com/16799/cell_phone_spying_james_bond_cool_or_cyberstalking_toolSecurity researchers masked as hackers have begun to show the world the many vulnerabilities in smart phones. MWR InfoSecurity recently cooked up a Palm Pre bug which allowed them to turn the Pre into a James Bond-like device. According to Belfast Telegraph, MWR also discovered a flaw in Google's Android phone that would allow attackers to collect all the information stored in the phone's browser, such as browser history, passwords and usernames.

E-stalkers on the prowl - 09/02/10
While conventional stalking has received much attention lately, harassment through mobile phones and the internet has grown to be a silent epidemic in the last few years. The Daily Star has recently interviewed 30 women at random about the issue, and found every one of them has been harassed electronically by ex-boyfriends or strangers.

Law enforcement takes on cyber threats - 09/01/10
The growing accessibility of the internet has changed the way people do many things: check bank statements, listen to music, earn a college degree, pay bills––and, apparently, the way they break the law. The Isanti County Sheriff’s Department handles complaints about harassment on Facebook, MySpace or through text messaging on a weekly basis, according to Deputy Dave Matchinsky.

Police: Man sent woman threatening text messages - 09/01/10
A 50-year-old Oakwood Hills man remained in jail Tuesday afternoon for allegedly threatening a woman after she asked to him stop sending sexual text messages. Kenneth B. Larson, of 26 Meadow Lane, was indicted last week on a single count of cyberstalking.

Dutch colleges angry over sex job ads for freshmen - 09/01/10
A number of Dutch colleges are considering legal action against the publisher of a move-in guide for new freshmen, after the company included an ad recruiting students for jobs as online sex workers.


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