Making Changes to your Facebook Settings

Are you sure you've checked *all* your Facebook settings? The last time they updated their privacy rules, they reverted a lot of settings back to Default, which means *everyone* (even if not on Facebook) can view your profile and everything in it. To make changes, do the following:

Go to Account, then Account Settings, then under the Settings tab click on Account Security. This one it totally up to you, but if you login to Facebook from one computer all the time and not your smartphone/cell, you may want to turn this ON. It's also interesting to check this to see when you last logged in and from where.

Under the Notifications tab, uncheck any you don't want to get an email or text/SMS about

Under the Facebook Ads tab, Change the pulldown menu from My Friends to No One

Now go to Account at the top right of the browser, then Privacy Settings.

Under Basic Directory Information, click on View Settings

The default is Everyone. Change this to what you prefer, usually Friends Only.

If you want to see how your profile looks if a complete stranger not on your Friends list tries to look at it, click on Preview My Profile near the top right.

Go back to Privacy

You should have a check next to "Customized Settings." If you don't and it's checked next to Recommended Settings, click on Customize Settings and make the appropriate changes. Even if you have checked "Customized Settings," click on Customize anyway.

The important new one here is Places I Check Into. Unless you want Everyone or your Friends to see anywhere you check in from on your smartphone/cell (which is automatic) change to Only Me (I wish there was a No One selection here).

Also uncheck the Include Me In "People Here Now" after I check in or it will show you, your profile photo and where you are to your friends and others.

Check all the settings to make sure they are what you want. Most people change those to Friends Only.

Next to Things others share, click on Friends can check me into Places and Disable that unless you really want your friends to tell everyone else where you are when you're not home.

Once you're done here, go Back to Privacy and click on Applications and Websites

Make appropriate changes here and the last two, Instant Personalization and Public Search should be unchecked unless you want the whole Internet world to know what you're doing and see your profile. To get rid of any Apps, Games or Websites, click on Remove unwanted or spammy applications and make changes there, or you can Turn off all apps.

Click on Back to Privacy, then under Block Lists, click on Edit lists and make any changes there.

You can also doublecheck your Applications settings by clicking on Account, then Application Settings and remove or edit the apps you've approved.

You should be all set now!


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