True Crime Online Newsletter - January 27, 2014

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Olympic bathroom stall with two toilets raises eyebrows

A photo of two toilets side by side in a Sochi Olympics bathroom stall is causing a stir, with an opposition leader calling it an example of mismanaged funds.

The photo of two toilets in a men's bathroom stall at the Olympic Biathlon Center, which went viral after being posted to Twitter by a BBC correspondent, led social media users to joke about officials spending too much money on toilets and not enough on stall partitions, the Moscow Times reported Thursday.

The photo of the toilets indicates the possibility of an even more awkward situation, as the stall's sole roll of toilet paper is only within reach of one of the commodes.

Opposition leader Alexei Navalny said the picture serves as evidence of the government mismanaging much of the $50 billion budget for the upcoming Olympics.

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When good lulz go bad: unpicking the ugly business of online harassment - 01/27/14
"It started off as someone being a bit annoying and trolling, with homophobic terms such as 'gaylord' and 'AIDS generation'. And then it escalated. From Twitter it started spilling into other areas of my life -- emails to work colleagues, phone calls, she was threatening to come to my events."

Iditarod sends 'Idiotarod' a cease-and-desist letter - 01/27/14
After being inspired by the annual Iditarod dog sled race in Alaska, a number of “Idiotarod” races featuring humans and shopping carts began popping up around the country. The people behind the Iditarod apparently don’t find the joke funny anymore and have sent the organizers of the New York Idiotarod a cease-and-desist letter. Lawyers for the Iditarod wanted the event to change its name to “Idiotarodorama NYC.”

Google outage causes thousands of emails to be sent to man's Hotmail account - 01/24/14
During Friday’s Google outage, a glitch apparently caused one man’s Hotmail address to be bombarded with thousands of emails. TechCrunch reported on the bug, saying users who turned to Google Search with the keyword "Gmail" may have sent an email to one David S. Peck -- at After clicking the “Gmail – Google” link following, some users were brought to a Gmail compose window displaying the email address dsp559 at Hotmail automatically filled in.

Glitch reduces everything on website to $57.70 - 01/24/14
British online hardware store experienced a technical glitch that reduced the price of all available items to $57.70. The glitch, first reported by Twitter users Thursday night, reduced expensive items including power tools and a riding lawnmower worth more than $2,600 to the $57.70 price, the Daily Telegraph reported Friday.

Man hijacked his 22-year-old stepdaughter's Instagram account and posted embarrassing pictures to try and stop her partying - 01/23/14
An Oregon stepfather landed in jail this past weekend after admitting to cyberstalking his stepdaughter, slashing her roommate’s tires and hijacking her social media accounts, police said. Bryan Tilley, 51, of Keizer, terrorized the 22-year-old Oregon State University student for months because he wanted her to stop partying and seeing a guy he didn’t like, according to an affidavit. This is not the first time he’s found himself in trouble with the law.

Longview man accused of threatening his child's mom via text messages - 01/23/14
A Longview man faces a possible cyberstalking charge after allegedly making numerous threats to kill his child’s mother via text ­ and then later suggesting they get back together. Joshua Peter McCoy, 38, was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of cyberstalking (threat to kill) and harassment (threat to kill), both felonies. He has not been formally charged but is being held on $20,000 bail.

'Revenge porn' website former owner Hunter Moore arrested - 01/23/14
US authorities have arrested two men in California for hacking email accounts and stealing nude photos to post on a so-called "revenge porn" website. Hunter Moore, 27, and Charles Evens, 24, face charges including conspiracy, unauthorized access to a protected computer to obtain information and aggravated identity theft.

Edmonton sex assault suspect has history of cyber-stalking - 01/23/14
A 36-year-old man recently charged with sexually assaulting two women in the Garneau area has a chilling history of cyber-stalking women across the U.S. and Canada. Court documents show that in September 2010, Daniel Christopher Leonard pleaded guilty in a Tacoma, Washington, courtroom to one count of cyber-stalking and four counts of making threatening communications.

Newark Police Investigate Internet Stalking of Teen Girls - 01/22/14
Newark Police are investigating an alarming story from two teenage girls. The girls say they were contacted online by a man, who then told them he was watching them at school. The girls are 13 and 14. Their mothers say both are special needs students, making them even more vulnerable to the stranger who initiated a conversation online, then took it a frightening step further.

American Olympic team gets e-mail threats ahead of Sochi games, U.S. will share anti-IED technology - 01/22/14
The U.S. Olympic Committee acknowledged Wednesday it has received emails regarding security threats at the Sochi Winter Games as concerns over athlete and spectator safety mounts. United States Olympic Committee CEO Scott Blackmon said in a statement Wednesday the email message has been forwarded to authorities. The Olympic committee said the messages reportedly pointed out security shortfalls at the Sochi games but other reports said the emails contained terrorist threats.

Ashdown officers arrest internet stalker - 01/21/14
Ashdown Police Detectives responded to a complaint on Jan 10, from the mother of a minor child about inappropriate messages being sent to her child’s Facebook account. Detectives reviewed the messages and found that someone, who they believed was an adult, was soliciting sex and other deviant sexual acts from this minor child.

Delray Man Charged In Boca With Stalking, Robbery - 01/21/14
A Delray Beach man is in the Palm Beach County Jail this Tuesday, charged with cyberstalking. Frank Anthony Guardado, 26, was arrested by the Boca Raton Police Department Monday evening and charged with battery, robbery/home invasion, burglary, and the cyberstalking charge.


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