True Crime Online Newsletter - January 20, 2014

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Former Sen. Bill Frist takes aim, via Twitter, at United Airlines

Former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., spent Friday complaining on social media about United Airlines after a mix-up with his first-class seat.

"United miserable service again," Frist, 61, said in one of six posts on his Twitter account, USA Today reported.

"SanFran sold me and confirmed a seat then took it away," Frist said.

He later commented, "I booked a first class seat and now I'm in the very last row next to a bathroom that's in heavy rotation," and "I can confirm the toilets on this United flight work! My seat vibrates with each passenger's visit."

Frist later suggested the thin bathroom walls were likely a fuel-saving measure.

After United Airways returned a Twitter comment thanking Frist for flying and reminding him seat assignments were not guaranteed, Frist added: "Connection made; all is well. But do you refund passengers for selling seats that don't exist?"

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Facebook and Twitter harassment cases rocket in Gloucestershire - 01/20/14
Online harassment in Gloucestershire from social networking sites like Facebook have rocketed according to reports. Complaints to the county force have risen 69% in the last three years according to a Freedom of Information (FoI) request from the Daily Mirror.

The Grandma Scam: not just for grandmothers anymore - 01/17/14
Most would-be scammers try to profit from people's sense of greed: “Hi! I'm the Crown Prince of Nigeria, I want to smuggle $100 million worth of oil money out of my country, and I'll split the proceeds with you if you help me. Also, I'm requesting assistance from total strangers over the Internet because, despite my being royalty with a hundred million bucks, I'm not acquainted with any rich-financier types.”

Granite Falls police have arrested a 17 year-old boy following a month-long series of online Internet threats made against students and staff at Granite Falls High School. The teen, a student at the high school, was taken into custody after a search warrant was issued Thursday night in the 200 block of South Indiana Ave.

This Is What the Harassment and Abuse of Women on the Internet Looks Like, Part IV - 01/16/14
This has happened to me. I am the ED for a statewide gun violence prevention group. I used to get voicemail messages telling me I “don’t deserve to live for feeling the way I do.” Then it was posts on Facebook about seeing me get raped and, even though they had a gun and could intervene, they would just walk by and let it happen. Then they mailed a picture of a victim of the Mexican drug cartel with nearly 50 knives stuck in their body that said I should be concerned about “kitchen knife violence.” I took the letter and picture to the police and they scoffed and said the guy probably just disagreed with my views. I disagree with his views as well and I would not threaten him.

Police arrest man for making online threats against newspaper staff - 01/16/14
The internet can sometimes seem like a free-for-all arena for comments and replies from any and all. But when does it go too far, and land you in trouble? Blythe police are dealing with one such situation right now.

Online dating scams equal millions of dollars in cyber crimes - 01/16/14
A 66-year-old woman was conned into turning over monies in a romance scam, perpetrated by a man posing as a love interest. According to a Jan. 16, report by San Jose Mercury News, Dating website, is the site named in the investigation.

Grand Junction Man Sentenced to Prison for Online Threats - 01/15/14
The Grand Junction man convicted of making threatening online comments toward Grand Junction Police officers and their families is sentenced Wednesday. Kenneth Wheeler will serve 40 months in federal prison for sending interstate threatening communications.

Pa. Bill Would Outlaw Harassment By Posting X-Rated Photos of Ex - 01/14/14
A bill that would outlaw so-called “revenge porn” has cleared its first hurdle in the Pennsylvania legislature. The proposed law would make it a crime to expose sexually explicit images of an “intimate partner” to a third party for the intent of harassment.

New Google Plus Feature Raises Online Stalking Concerns - 01/13/14
On January 9th, Google+ announced a plan to unroll a new feature allowing users to email anyone in the system without requiring the recipient's email. Many have responded saying along with the marketing opportunity, the new tool also brings the possibility of cyber stalking and spamming.


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