Online Safety Talk/Cyberbullying for Parents tonight in Wakefield, MA

Hey, if you're in the area, come hear me speak tonight in Wakefield, MA. Phoebe The Cyber Crime Dog may make a surprise appearance!

7 January 2014
Lucius Beebe Memorial Library
Online Safety/Cyberbullying talk for parents
7:00 pm
345 Main St
Wakefield Ma
I will also be signing copies of my new book, True Crime Online: Shocking Stories of Scamming, Stalking, Murder and Mayhem


Anonymous said…
I am trying to help someone who is being cyberbullied/harrassed. The link for the harrassment form on your website is not working. Does WHOA still help with this? If not do you know who can help? So far police have not helped. Thanks!
Jayne Hitchcock said…
Our questionnaire is temporarily down due to New Year's changes in staff and such. You can join our Facebook group at and get help there, or email
Anonymous said…
Thank you for the info! I will send an email. Also thanks for the great work you are doing to help others!!

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