Nose, Transformers, more

I did something sooooo stupid last week. It was late afternoon, I walked by Bandit's bed and stopped. He looked so damned cute in it. I knelt down to lean over and kiss the top of his furry little head, lost my balance and slammed the bridge of my nose in a table behind his bed. I had moved furniture around and wasn't sure I liked that table where it was at the time. Believe me, it isn't there anymore. V2 happened to be over, put me on my back on the floor while I was bleeding like crazy, bandaged me up, put an ice pack on me and gave me some wine to drink to calm me down. I was a mess.

The next morning I went to my chiropractor's office to buy some Traumeel cream for the swelling. They are a husband and wife team. Nancy took one look at me, said "Holy shit" and made me sit down. This guy who was (I think) a paramedic or something said I'd broken my nose. John, the husband came out, agreed, put some gloves on and gently inspected it. Nancy called the hospital emergency room and asked if I should come in. They said all they'd do is x-ray the nose and refer me to an Ear, Nose & Throat doctor, because nothing could be done until the swelling went down. The swelling wasn't too bad, but I was upset. Understandably.

John x-rayed my nose and it turned out it wasn't a bad break and may heal okay. Nancy made an appointment with an ENT for tomorrow afternoon just to make sure I don't need my nose reset. She gave me the Trameel (which is made with arnica and some other herbs), told me ice 20 minutes, slather the cream on and sit for an hour, then ice again for 20 minutes.

I laid low the next couple of days, icing, slathering, icing, slathering. V2 called many times to make sure I was okay. My mom called and I just couldn't tell her. I know she would say it's because I'm not eating enough (I'm not - I've lost a lost of weight and am down to a size 8, which I haven't been since high school) and chastise me. I'll wait until I go to the ENT before telling her. Oy. I did end up getting somewhat of black eyes (more red than black) and makeup covers that up okay. The swelling has gone down alot and other than the cut on the bridge of my nose, which I cover with a bandaid, I don't look too bad.

Yesterday I was depressed. V2 came over, tried to cheer me up. I know she meant well. and wanted me to hang out with her and one of our other friends for a "girls time," but I just couldn't. I took myself to the movies instead. I got there, looked at the movies playing and asked the girl what was available right then. She said "Transformers." You know, those toy vehicles that transform into robots that were so hot years ago? They made a movie about them. I thought to myself, What the hell? Why not? and bought my ticket.

That movie was a total frelling blast. I couldn't believe I enjoyed it so much. There were a lot of great moments where I laughed, cheered (as did everyone else in the theatre) and was in awe of the special effects. I had such a good time and when I left was in a much better mood.

Went to V2's for dinner and I did eat some food. Not much, but I did eat. She chastised me, but oh well. If I'm not hungry, I'm not hungry.

I came home, watched "Psych," which I taped on Friday, laughed my butt off and collapsed in bed.

I know I've mentioned before that something big might be happening. The contract is ready to be signed, but until it is signed, I still can't mention it. I can't WAIT to make this announcement when it's a done deal. It's a big thing for me and I am so excited about it.

Things have been going well for me professionally lately - this contract, loads of orders for my ghost books from the military, a booking, unexpected checks in the mail. . .it's been one helluva ride and I don't want to get off.


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