Psychics, Wii, Car Shopping, more

So. Something very unexpected happened on Wednesday night. I can't go into details just yet, but a big change has been made in my life - for the better. I am one happy puppy.

On Thursday, I had a private reading with the radio show psychic, Michael Gogger. He knew from the start that something big had happened the night before and nailed it. He is as spooky accurate as the tarot card reader I'd seen the week before. And he said pretty much all the same things she predicted/said. It was very eerie. He said he saw me going overseas, traveling a lot through the USA for work and probably relocating. He said he saw me as a broadcaster or hosting my own show (which would be way cool), that I needed to pay attention to my dreams, my health would be good, and that my mom was very happy with what happened the night before. And she was. She told me, "It's about time." He also said that something completely out of the blue, a surprise project, would be coming to me soon and it would be a lot of work, but would mean more money. Yay! He said the situation at hand would resolve itself by the end of this month/beginning of September. Maybe by then I'll post about what happened.

I got the bandages off my nose and it's still tender, but doesn't look bad. The doctor was very pleased and told me I was one of his favorite patients! He said my nose won't be back to normal for another five weeks.

When I played the tape for V2 that night, she was getting goosebumps.

On Friday night, Rob came over to play Nintendo Wii Golf with me and just hang out. The first two games were a tie, he won the last game. Darn! I have to practice more so that I can kick his butt.

Saturday, V2 had me go with her to a local Toyota dealership. She wanted to trade in her RAV4 for a less expensive SUV or car. So I was moral support. She ended up test driving a Matrix. She wasn't thrilled with it, but her car payments would be almost $200 less a month than what she's currently paying. She told the sales manager, who was trying to convince her to buy the Matrix, that all she wanted to do was refinance her current loan, but wasn't having any luck with that. He told her they could do the refinance. Geez! We spent all that time and didn't even think to ask about that.

We went to a mexican restaurant for a late lunch, had two margaritas, hit BJs to get gas for her car and pick up some things, then drove me home. I ended up taking a nap - those margaritas hit me hard.

I watched the movie 300 that night. What a totally awesome movie. I was blown away by it. And not just because of the six pack abs on the actors. It was a good story, great acting, super special effects. I actually cried at the end.

Sunday I caught up with a bunch of things, then Robin picked me up to go to V2's for her Southern Living At Home party. I ended up becoming a consultant. If I have time, I'll try to do some local parties, but I'll definitely be doing catalog parties. So if you want a catalog, email me and I'll send you a catalog. I'm just doing it more for fun and the extra cash. What the heck.

Talked with two friends, then hit the sack.

Today has been catch up with a bunch of things, then I'll probably go with V2 to the dealership for her refinance, then I have to go to a store in North Hampton to take care of some things.

Life is good. I haven't felt this happy in a long time.


David said…
It's grand to hear you so full of life. You deserve all the smiles.
Netcrimes said…
You are very sweet!

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