Lazy Sunday

I did keep my hair appointment on Thursday and was glad I did. It was relaxing. I then had an appointment at my lawyer's office to sign some paperwork, then it was home again, ice pack on nose, pain pill in mouth. V2 came over and took me out for dinner at our favorite restaurant, Panda Sakura, at York Beach. We know the owners, the wait staff and the sushi chef, Jeff (not his real name, which is Chinese and too hard to remember). We sat at the sushi bar and told Jeff some bad jokes. Yes, I told the grasshopper one, but he didn't get it. He then told us a Chinese joke, which translated well:

Three men are stranded on an island. A bottle washes up and a genie appears. He tells the men he will give them one wish each. The first man says, "I want to become a fish so that I can swim home."

Poof! He's a fish and swims away.

The second man says, "I want to become a bird so that I can fly home."

Poof! He's a bird and flies away.

The third man looks around and sighs. "I really miss those guys. Can you bring them back?"

Drum roll, please.

We had a good time. After dinner, V2 dragged me to a psychic, a local woman named Paulina. She's Russian and V2 has been to her before. She does tarot readings, crystal ball readings and I decided on the 20-card Russian Tarot reading.

I shuffled the cards, split them into three piles and then pointed at one pile. Paulina started off with, "I wish you health, wealth and happiness," then laid out the first layer of cards.

She told me she saw women around me who were jealous of me. I would find out in September who my true friends were. Then she said something that almost knocked me off my chair and I don't want to post it just yet. I want to see if it comes true. As she laid out more cards, she kept talking. She wasn't really reading the cards so much as just knowing things. She threw me for a loop. She said I had some projects (the one I'm waiting for the contract to be signed), I was going to classes (I'm actually going to be teaching computer classes locally and had *just* gotten the contract in my email that day), I was having work done in my house to get ready for the winter (eerie!!!) and I should think of painting my living room a brighter color (which I had been thinking about doing). I was going overseas twice for pleasure (I have yet to see if that happens) and would be traveling all over the US (yep, for work). I would go down south a lot (I have two bookings in Virginia already). I would not be rich, but I would never be poor. I am an independent woman, but would never be alone, that I needed to have a man with me and I would (hmm). Others see me as confident, but I sometimes feel insecure (I do). I had three children around me who look up to me and would ask me for guidance. I needed to sleep on it before I advised them. I am guessing these are my two nieces and nephew by my stepsisters. And that a bloodline relative who died (not recently) would come to me in a dream and tell me something and I should listen to them and act upon it. The only person this could be is my grandfather, who died in 2001. We were close. Honestly, this woman scared the heck out of me with how accurate she was. There is NO way she could have known everything she did.

V2 had her reading done next and I listened for any similarities. The only thing was that she told V2 she would travel south a lot, too, for pleasure, though. And it's true - Charleston, SC is a second home to V2 - she's going there for Labor Day weekend and just got back from a trip there. But everything she told V2 fit her like a glove and was eerie accurate.

A woman who had heard my reading got to talking with us and asked if we'd stay while she had her cards read. We did. And we ended up making a new friend! Donna is from Concord, NH and she was scared throughout the reading, but kept looking at me with her eyes popping out of her head. This Paulina psychic was amazing.

The next day I caught up on things, rested on the couch, talked with friends, then Rob showed up to just have some beers and talk. He wanted to catch up with me. I hadn't seen him in almost two weeks. He's a sweetie! V2 came over to pick me up for a Southern Living at HOME party. We had a blast! She's going to host a party at her place this coming weekend.

Took Guin for a long walk to the beach yesterday morning - it was beautiful and cool outside.

Went back over to V2's last night for dinner, then home to talk with friends and then bed. I slept in until 8 am this morning, took Bandit and Guin out for our Sunday morning drive to pick up the newspapers, coffee and breakfast. After we had that, I walked with Guin down to the beach. It was a lot more humid today and we were sweating when we got back. Took Bandit for a quick spin around the yard, then came back in. I'm being lazy today.

I *am* doing a radio interview on the Your Inner Thoughts show today at 2 pm EST. If you get a chance, listen and call in.


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