Net Crimes Newsletter - 08/27/07

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .And someone actually paid $114,00 for a pair of these

Austrian designs luxury lederhosen line;_ylt=At7LQzEhBi8mRHunM9SXNLgsQE4F
An Austrian designer is taking orders for personalized luxury lederhosen and recently sold a diamond-studded pair for $114,000.

Christian Wohlmuther, who owns a clothing business that sells traditional Austrian attire based in Bad Mitterndorf, Styria, said Friday the cost of his creations varies depending on the decoration.

Those interested can choose from an array of stones, including garnets, rubies, emeralds and diamonds, that are then mounted on buttons made either of sterling silver, gold or platinum.

"We generally focus on the client's budget and then show him what's possible," Wohlmuther said.

Wohlmuther, who works with a local jeweler in the Styrian town of Liezen, said his first pair of luxury lederhosen ­ decorated with 166 diamonds ­ went to a German buyer who lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, earlier this summer. He said he hopes to attract more interest from that region, as well as from Russia.

Lederhosen are traditional short, leather trousers that some Austrian and German men still wear today at festivals or special occasions.

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Internet "crime mates" arrested after Japan killing - 08/27/07
Three men who met on an Internet site that matches up criminals were arrested after battering a woman to death and abandoning her body in a forest, police and Japanese media said on Monday.

FOUR internet pimps raking in a fortune from Eastern European women desperate for work in Scotland can today be exposed by the Sunday Mail.

‘Romance Scam’ victim speaks out on her experience - 08/25/07
So-called “romance scammers” from Africa or Russia target Americans on Internet dating sites, gaining their victims’ trust, then stealing their money.

Spam Fighters Hit Criminals' Weak Spot - 08/24/07,136367-c,cybercrime/article.html
For years, spam haters have relied on junk-mail filters and Internet blacklists, but some are saying it's time for a change in tactics.

Death penalty proposed for cyber terrorism - 08/24/07
The Electronic Crimes Bill 2007 has already been approved in principle by the federal cabinet and will be enacted soon through an act or an ordinance.

Gang warfare goes public - 08/24/07,,2155322,00.html
The apparently random shooting of 11-year-old Rhys Jones on a Liverpool street yesterday exposed a barely concealed culture of violent gangs glorying in crime.

How-To: Protect Your Business from Instant Messaging Threats - 08/24/07,135094-c,tipstroubleshooting/article.html
Instant messaging (IM) programs facilitate real-time, text-based communication between two or more users who are using the same messaging program. Though IM first gained popularity as a social interaction tool, it has made its way into the business environment, as well.

How close is World War 3.0? - 08/23/07;1493764141;fp;2;fpid;2
When the Estonian government was hit with major, sustained denial-of-service attacks this spring, the headlines screamed that it was the first incident of modern cyber warfare.

Japan Struggles With Cyber Prostitution - 08/23/07
Japan's National Police Agency announced on Wednesday that the problem of cyber crimes hit an all-time high in the first six months of this year. But most alarming is the increase of child prostitution over the Internet which jumped 60 percent compared to last year's period.

Lawyer in UA suit disputes contempt charge - 08/23/07
Fourth Circuit Judge Mark Lindsay dismissed a lawsuit against the University of Arkansas, but that does not mean the legal battle has ended.

Inside the mind of a cyber stalker - 08/23/07
Virtual world is turning out to be a true reality. The problem with the Net, as says a blogger, is that it is turning out like the real world, but without any rules or laws that govern us.

Drug suspect allegedly got ingredients through eBay - 08/23/07,1299,DRMN_15_5680344,00.html
Carl Andrew Dubois, who was arrested last week for manufacturing Ecstasy at his south Boulder home, apparently didn't cover his tracks very well, according to a search warrant.

Personal Data Stolen From Internet Job Site - 08/22/07
Personal data has been stolen from hundreds of thousands of people who use the Internet job site

Mattel seeks to shut porn Web site - 08/22/07
Toy maker Mattel Inc. went to court Tuesday to declare that the name of its clean-cut Barbie dolls doesn't belong on a model's pornographic Web site.

Notorious eBay conman jailed for fresh offences - 08/21/07
A notorious conman who swindled thousands of pounds from eBay customers was put behind bars today for committing fresh offences on the internet auction website.


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