My new notebook

I mentioned I'd gotten a new notebook in a previous post. I used to only buy IBM Thinkpads, then switched to a Sony Vaio in late 2002 due to their slim size and low weight (just under five pounds). With all the traveling I do, the lighter the better! I bought the Vaio at the Sony web site, which was offering an extra three year warranty for free + free shipping.

I decided it was time to upgrade, but the Sony site didn't have any good offers for the Vaio I wanted, which was a TX series that weighs just over 2.75 pounds.

So I decided to try eBay. Yes, eBay. I did some hunting and pecking, checking feedback, shipping rates, etc. I finally found one that fit the bill. The guy who was selling it had only had it a few weeks, then was issued a Dell notebook from his company, so he was looking to unload the Vaio.

A new Vaio TX610 on the Sony site started at $1899 for 512MB memory and 60GB hard drive. So the auction listing I found I made my max bid for $1899 and I won. And I got one helluva deal:

Compact and durable, every inch of the TX was designed with the mobile user in mind. The VGN-TX610P/B offers an integrated CDRW/DVD R0M, SmartWi technology, 512MB RAM (plus 1 GB upgrade included) and an XBRIT display. Unbelievably small and portable with 6 hour battery. Transferrable 1 year warranty Besides standard equipemt (listed below), this unit has been souped up with almost a $1000 dollars of xtras.

1) upgraded from 512 MB to 1.5 GB (Same as on TX690) - equivalent of 2 x PCGA @ 299.99 each ($599.98 option from sony)

2) TX Docking Station - Sony VGP-PRTX 199.99 (great for easy hookup to large external monitor and keyboard/mouse

3) Xtra TX610 AC power supply(sony equivalent VGG-AC16V8 - $89.99 from Sony)

4) 128 MB Memory Stick - 19.99

5) Unlocked copy of Micorsoft Office 2000

6) Printed copies of user manual (only comes on hard drive from Sony)

Plus: Intel® Pentium M Processor, Microsoft Window XP Professional with Service Pack 2, Integrated Wireless Wide Area Network (WAN) accessing Cingular Wireless National EDGE Network with SmartW technology, Intel® PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection (802.11b/g), CD-RW/DVD-ROM, 60GB hard drive, AC Power Supply, Bluetooth, Charcoal exterior and SDRAM drive.

All weighing 2.76 pounds!

The best thing about it is the screen - it's something new called Xbrite, which has a glassy look to it. But man, watching videos on it is like watching TV. It is so darned crisp and clear it's not funny.

Everything came in their original boxes, so I technically got over $800 worth of extras for my $1899 (and the seller's shipping was less than Sony).

Woo-hoo! Chris is so jealous, even though I gave him my old Vaio. We sat and watched Madagascar on my TX and it was amazing - it almost made our big screen TV look like mush, ha ha.

To see what the VAIO TX610 I got looks like, go to their Web site and check it out.

I got to show it off on my last trip and I had a lot of people ask me what the heck it was. Talk about jealous, tee hee. I got so many compliments on my little bargain. And it's a tax write-off!



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