True Crime Online Newsletter - August 5, 2013

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Car owner shops for insurance, gets quoted $1.8 million per year
A British man shopping for insurance for his 10-year-old car learned one company was prepared to offer coverage for the equivalent of $1.8 million per year.

Rhys Barker, 27, learned on the Zenith Insurance website his car, a Vauxhall Corsa economy car he bought for 1,400 pounds ($2,141), could be insured for 1.2 million pounds ($1,835,401) per year -- or 104,000 pounds ($159,068) in slightly higher monthly installments -- the Belfast Telegraph reported Friday.

Barker lives in Salford, near Manchester, site of some of Britain's highest car insurance rates because of a preponderance of car crimes, the newspaper said.

Gary Humphreys of Markerstudy Group, which owns Zenith Insurance, told the Manchester Evening News the price quote "reflects that we have declined to provide cover. We would not expect a customer to pay such a high premium. This is not a case of pricing customers out of the market, but quoting on the risks that are within our rating parameters."

Barker was shopping for a better rate, the newspaper said.

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Netting the cyber stalker - 08/05/13
O P Indel, a senior officer in a nationalised bank, was perplexed after receiving calls from his colleagues and relatives about some defamatory comment against him, posted on a suspicious looking website (made with insignia of the bank) and on social networking sites. Indel filed a complaint with the cyber cell of the Chandigarh Police and it was found that the posts were the handiwork of his former colleague, who accused him of harassment by halting his retirement benefit.

The women-hating Twitter trolls unmasked: From a respected military man to a former public schoolboy, men who anonymously spew out vile abuse online - 08/03/13
Around 1pm on Sunday, Caroline Criado-Perez received a tweet from someone in the Newcastle area. She knew what to expect even before she read it. By then, Miss Perez, 29, a feminist campaigner, had been all but overwhelmed by a torrent of threatening, abusive and misogynistic messages on Twitter after successfully lobbying the Bank of England to put the novelist Jane Austen on the new £10 note.

The Twitter troll fightback: Website promises clampdown on abuse as UK boss apologises and hires more staff to deal with malicious posts - 08/03/13
The UK boss of Twitter has personally apologised to women who have been attacked by trolls on the social networking site and vowed to do more to protect people from abuse. Tony Wang, general manager of Twitter UK, posted a series of tweets today saying abuse was 'simply not acceptable.'

Andreozzi lawyers plan appeal of cyber-harassment and obstruction conviction - 08/03/13
Lawyers for suspended Barrington police Sgt. Joseph Andreozzi, who was convicted last month by a jury on charges of obstructing the judicial system and cyber-harassment, have filed notice to appeal. The notice of appeal was signed July 24 and received July 29 by the clerk’s office at the state Supreme Court, which would hear an appeal.

Pa. teen loses Facebook harassment charge appeal - 08/02/13
A state appeals court on Friday upheld a teenager's harassment conviction for posting on Facebook that another girl had herpes. Superior Court ruled against an 18-year-old former Cedar Crest High School student whose untrue posting last year about a 15-year-old girl attracted several "likes" before it was taken down about an hour after she posted it.

Man used ex-girlfriend's photos to create Craigslist 'escort' ad - 08/02/13
Issaquah police say a 26-year-old man used his ex-girlfriend's scantily-clad photos to post a Craigslist ad for a "massage escort." The woman, who lives in Issaquah, first called police after finding several suggestive photos of herself posted online without her permission. Using search warrants, officers examined several Internet providers and soon discovered that the racy Craigslist ad originated with the woman's 26-year-old former boyfriend, according to police.

Former Fort Sanders surgical assistant admits role in nearly $1 million theft case - 08/02/13
A former Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center surgical assistant is confessing he stole nearly $1 million in medical supplies from his boss and sold them to an Illinois firm under probe for using eBay to hawk stolen and mislabeled devices. Michael William Gwinn has struck a deal with the U.S. Attorney’s Office to plead guilty to a charge of conspiracy to transport stolen goods for taking part a six-year scheme to take from Fort Sanders medical supplies and devices. He admits selling them to Advanced Inventory Management.

Man Accused Of Cyberstalking Long Beach Woman - 08/02/13
A 30-year-old Missouri man accused of cyberstalking his ex-wife has turned himself in after learning of a warrant for his arrest in Long Beach. The Sun Herald reports police had obtained a warrant for Charles David Hunt in 2010. Detective Stephanie Stewart says Hunt is accused of sending the woman threatening emails and text messages for several months, even after he had moved from Long Beach, and began sending threatening messages to her family as well.

Are Debt Collectors Stalking You Online? - 08/01/13
Debt collectors spend a lot of time chasing down accounts, many of which will never result in a payment being made. A smart collector will spend time trying to collect on accounts that are most likely to have the ability to pay. Therefore, some collectors are looking beyond the traditional tools, like your credit report, to better target the accounts to spend time on.

ONLY ON KIRO 7: Woman in SPD stalking case says, ‘He still is not leaving me alone’ - 07/31/13
The alleged victim of Seattle Police Detective David Blackmer broke her silence. She says Blackmer has already violated the court order to leave her alone, claiming he called her Monday. In the court documents her name is A.R. She told KIRO-7's Alison Grande in a voicemail she's still afraid. She said Blackmer called her on Monday from a rehab facility in Florida.

Baton Rouge Man Arrested for Cyberstalking via Facebook - 07/31/13
A Baton Rouge man has been arrested and charged with cyberstalking a female on Facebook. According to an affidavit, Michael Martin, 22, 15562 Summerwood Dr, Baton Rouge is accused of posting derogatory and threatening posts on Facebook directed at the victim.

DPS subpoenas two Twitter accounts over alleged threats - 07/31/13
Two Twitter users who posted messages criticizing Texas Republican leaders for recently passed abortion restrictions have been subpoenaed by the Department of Public Safety in the investigation of a “terroristic threat.” The subpoena (below), acquired by the San Antonio Express-News, was sent to Twitter from DPS Agent Jason McMurray of Tyler on July 25. The subpoena directs Twitter to disclose names, emails and addresses, activation date, payment information, email and IP addresses used by the accounts @deniseromano and @prisonforbush on July 17-19. A call to McMurray was not immediately returned.


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