WHOA Newsletter - March 9, 2009

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Talk about having a bad day
Speeder found in stolen car with stolen items, dog

First of all, police said he was speeding. Second, the 18-year-old wasn't wearing a seat belt and was driving on a suspended license. But that was the least of his troubles. According to police, when the man was pulled over on Tuesday they found a marijuana cigarette. Then they found out the car he was driving was reported stolen. Then they found $27,000 worth of stolen goods in the car.

And when officers asked about the small dog on the front seat, the man could not tell them anything about it.

But a call to the veterinarian listed on the dog's tag led to its owner, who said the pet had been stolen during a home burglary.

Detectives were unsure if the suspect remained in jail Friday.
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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Google Docs suffers privacy glitch - 03/09/09
Google discovered a privacy glitch that inappropriately shared access to a small fraction of word-processing and presentation documents stored on the company's online Google Docs service.

All for '15 megabytes of fame' - 03/09/09
In schoolyards across te country, all it takes to attract a crowd are the words "Fight! Fight! Fight!"
But students are increasingly showing up with cameras to record the brawls, then posting the footage on the Internet.

Tennessee auctions off fortune of Internet scammer - 03/09/09
It took the state of Tennessee about an hour to auction off a fortune built by Internet scam artist Perry Belcher.
State auctioneers sold a house, all-terrain vehicles, cars and multiple other items that once belonged to the 44-year-old Belcher, who pleaded guilty in September to running dozens of health-related Internet scams, including one in which he sold “vitamins” made with ash, cayenne and chili peppers.

Cyberspace bullying proliferates at colleges - 03/09/09
Bullying may seem like a grade school problem, but Ellen Kraft knows how the Internet has extended its reach.
A professor in the business school at The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, Kraft has been studying bullying in its newest form - cyberbullying - and how the schoolyard bully can easily reach into college classrooms and company boardrooms all around the world.

NYU law alum arrested - 03/08/09
County prosecutors announced Thursday that a 49-year-old NYU alumnus has been arrested on charges of identity theft, criminal impersonation and aggravated harassment.
Greenwich Village resident Raphael Haim Golb, who received a J.D. from the NYU School of Law in 1995, was arraigned Friday on five criminal charges in Manhattan Criminal Court. He is accused of using internet aliases to “influence and affect debate on the Dead Sea Scrolls” and “harass Dead Sea Scrolls scholars who disagree with his viewpoint” between July and December 2008, according to Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau.

Friends Hope Teen's Death Warns Others Against 'Sexting' - 03/07/09
Friends of a teen who took her own life after a nude photo of her was sent around her school have come forward to discuss the events that led to the girl's suicide.
"She more like kept to herself, (and) would like hide in the bathroom and cry," said Lauren Taylor, who was best friends with Jessie Logan. "She'd always call me crying."

Whiteface Mountain Harassment May Lead To Charges - 03/07/09
Charges could be coming soon in the case of videotaped harassment incident that showed up on the popular Web site YouTube earlier this month, according to Essex County District Attorney Julie Garcia.

Craigslist Stands Firm on 'Erotic Services' Ads - 03/06/09
Popular classified-ad Web site Craigslist.com faces a battle with the Cook County, Illinois, sheriff's department. Sheriff Thomas Dart says the Web site's "Erotic Services" section is being used for prostitution and he wants it shut down.

Grad student pleads guilty in Lamar e-mail threat - 03/06/09
A Lamar University student barred from graduating faces up to five years in prison for sending an e-mail threat to the school's president.

IT Pro Gets Four Years for Building Botnets - 03/05/09
An employee of search engine startup Mahalo has been sentenced to four years in prison for infecting as many as 250,000 computers with malicious botnet computer code.

Stalkers turn to 'textual' harassment to antagonize victims - 03/05/09
The college student had endured months of online and cell phone harassment from her ex-boyfriend. She ignored the barrage of e-mails, changed her phone number and dismantled online profiles to cut him off.

Man's unusual stalking case not first conviction - 03/05/09
When Kenneth G. Phelan met a Filipino immigrant on the Internet in 2007, it looked like the start of a new friendship. They began chatting frequently on Yahoo in March 2008. Soon they were attending church together.

Facebook threats land student behind bars - 03/05/09
A 17-year-old student at Joliet Catholic Academy is in police custody today, accused of threatening other students through the social networking site Facebook.
Joliet Police Chief Fred Hayes said the student likely will be charged later today in the incident.

Fake peer Hugh Rodley convicted of world’s biggest cyber theft - 03/05/09
Cyber thieves led by a self-styled peer who tried to steal £229million in the world's biggest computer crime are facing jail.
Lord of the manor Hugh Rodley, 61, hired hackers to crack a bank's computer and transfer vast sums.

Felony Charge For Craigslist Prank - 03/05/09
Meet Kari Heath. The Wisconsin woman, 20, is facing a felony charge for allegedly posing as an ex-boyfriend and posting a Craigslist personals ad seeking other men to call him at work and "talk dirty to him." According to a criminal complaint, a copy of which you'll find here, Heath placed the ad last month after arguing with her boyfriend Joseph Strasburg. The ad, which was posted in Craigslist's "Casual Encounters" section, included several photos of the 24-year-old Strasburg, including one explicit image, and his business phone number.

Woman receives year in jail for e-mail threats - 03/04/09
A woman who sent the leader of the populist Freedom Party, Geert Wilders more than 100 threatening e-mails has been sentenced to a year in jail and conditional psychiatric treatment. She had previously been sentenced to a year in jail and unconditional treatment. Psychiatrists said she suffered from delusional disorders and locking her in an institution would be detrimental to her psychological well-being.

Man arrested for Internet harassment of a Lyndhurst resident - 03/04/09
The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office and the Lyndhurst Police Department arrested 48-year-old Donald A. Moat of Dumont on Tuesday on charges of harassment, wrongful impersonation and stalking a Lyndhurst resident.

Hefty fine for YouTube cannabis grower - 03/04/09
A dope who posted videos of his cannabis plant on YouTube - right under his real name, home town, and date of birth - was fined £275 yesterday.
Jobless Shane Burfield had used the networking site to proudly record the growth of his illegal £500 bush over six months.

Judge Kicks Notorious Spammer off Facebook - 03/03/09
A federal judge in San Jose, California, has ordered convicted spammer Sanford Wallace to stay away from Facebook.
Facebook sued Wallace and two other men last week in an effort to cut down on spam and phishing schemes on the social-networking site. On Monday, Judge Jeremy Fogel of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California issued a temporary restraining order barring Wallace and two other alleged spammers, Adam Arzoomanian and Scott Shaw, from accessing Facebook's network.


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That first one made me laugh.
Just a bad, bad, day?

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