What a way to start the new year

So, I go to Mom2's house to pick her up to go to our favorite store, Wal Mart. I have to pass the cemetery where Chris and Dad are buried on the way to her place and thought I saw the headstone had been put up finally. It slipped my mind when I got to the house - Mom2 was in tears.

Two of her friends had called her, one right after the other, that didn't know Chris and Dad had died. So she had to deal with that. I held her and hugged her and we headed for Wal Mart. We both loaded the cart up with things we needed, groceries as well as odds and ends. I love the fact you can go to this Wal Mart and buy a TV and milk if you want.

We went through the Burger King drive thru to get a couple of cheeseburgers (bad Mom2 and Jayne).

When we went by the cemetery, I told her the headstone was up and could we drive by to look at it. She said sure, so we drove into the cemetery and stopped in front of Chris and Dad's graves. Chris' sister, Debbie, had chosen a sailboat design for the top and it was beautiful. Mom2 couldn't read from that far and asked me what was on it. I told her Dad's name and info was first, her name second, Chris' brother's name was next, then Chris. Then I burst out laughing.

For those who didn't know Chris, he always complained that Murphy's Law followed him everywhere. Basically, what can go wrong, will. And he was right most of the time. If he ordered something, it would be broken, the wrong color or delayed in shipment. When cooking, there would be an ingredient we'd forgotten to get at the store or he'd burn something.

Well, Murphy's law followed him to his grave. Literally.

His name reads:

Christoper Hitchcock 1966-2006

Do you see the error?

I told Mom2 and she began laughing, too. Only close friends and family would get this. I hope Chris is laughing as well.

We went back to the house and unloaded her car. I put my things in Jurgen. BTW, Jurgen drives very well in the snow!

We ate our cheeseburgers and Mom2 was saying that the girls (Chris' sisters) would be very mad. That headstone was expensive. I told her that if they can just chip away the "oper" and leave it as Chris, I'd be very happy with that. After all, everyone called him Chris.

I went downstairs to take photos of all the machinery and equipment and the workshop itself. I already have some people interested in some of the equipment, so wanted to get photos to send to whoever is interested.

I hugged and kissed Mom2 and left. I called Vivi - she wanted to meet me in Portsmouth to do some shopping (like I needed anything else, ha ha) and told her about the headstone. She burst out laughing. She understood because she knew Chris well. I called my Mom and she laughed as well.

Met Vivi and ended up buying more things - a clock for the kitchen, a light switch cover for the bedroom (it has purple irises on it), a new rug runner for the living room, some slipper socks, some bath stuff marked way down (only $1 for a whole set of goodies), and I think that's it.

She is a riot to hang out with. When she stopped to get gas, she couldn't figure out why her credit card wasn't working on the pump. She'd been sliding it backwards. Doh! In Home Depot, we had this poor guy running around helping us, then asking complete strangers questions about things. I've never laughed so much and it felt good. She's fun to shop with.

We hugged and said good-bye. Went home, put my new toilet seat on (I'd gotten it at Wal Mart), hung up the clock - it's perfect and put everything else away. Then I made dinner for me and the dogs - fettucine alfredo for me, chicken breast with veggies for the dogs. I had a small bottle of champagne and since I was too tired to stay up until midnight, toasted at 9 pm, then went to bed.

I woke up this morning, so glad it's 2007. It has got to be a better year for me.

Talked with Mom2 and she was right, the girls were mad about the headstone. But she and I aren't sure if they "got it" about why we thought it was funny. Yes, I am upset about the mistake, but you do have to laugh a bit about it.

Put my Christmas tree and decorations away and am sitting in my jammies, being a bum today.

I almost forgot - was doing the weekly newsletter for WHOA and came across a mention of our organization. This idiot who calls himself "Vinnythegreat" posted on his blog about my reaction to the video game that glorifies bullying. You can read the whole thing here, but the pertinent part that ticked me off was this:

"So instead of going after the real bullies or telling the victims how to properly act in a bullying situation, you blame the video game instead? I hope this bitch doesn't have children, because she sounds like the most irresponsible parent you can possibly have."

I couldn't let this go, so I emailed him the following:

Mr. Chiucchi,

In regards to your post about me where you wrote:

"So instead of going after the real bullies or telling the victims how to properly act in a bullying situation, you blame the video game instead? I hope this bitch doesn't have children, because she sounds like the most irresponsible parent you can possibly have."

If you did your research, you would see that I am president of an organization that does indeed help bully victims and educate people about this subject.

And calling someone you do not know or did not contact for a comment a "bitch" just shows how immature you are.

I hope your parents are very proud of you.


Happy New Year everyone!


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