Money, money, money

Money! Went shopping yesterday and when I went to put the shopping cart back, I saw some greenish pieces of paper scooting on the ground. It was money! I snatched them up - three fives and a one.

I wish I'd had someone to high five with!

One of Chris' friends bought another guitar last night. I took the dogs on a road trip to Falmouth (all of 45 minutes to drive), saw Arlo, met his son (what a cutie), talked for a bit, then headed back home. It was past Bandit and Guin's dinnertime, so I treated them to half of my t-bone steak. They were very happy doggies.

The bedroom furniture is supposed to come today, but it's raining. And when I measured where the dresser w/mirror is to go, the only way it will fit is kitty-korner, it's just too long. So I'm going to call the store to see if there's a shorter dresser and to reschedule the delivery.

Oy. It's always something.


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