I almost forgot

I sold both Dad and Chris' workshops - the entire contents minus the machinery yesterday to Bluejacket Inc. It's owned by the husband and wife team of Jeff and Suzi Marger, who brought one of their ship model guys, Al, with them to Dad's workshop yesterday. After going through the workshop, they stressed they wanted to see it stay together and made me an offer I couldn't refuse. We shook on it and Jeff is sending me a bill of sale and a check this coming week.

They plan on getting a trailer to bring down from Searsport (a good three hour drive), along with many of their employees, sometime later this month or early February. They can't do it sooner because they have a grandchild due next week and want to spend time with their daughter when the baby is born, which is understandable.

Mom2 is relieved and understands the workshop won't be cleaned out right away. I am relieved the damned thing is over with. I have several people interested in the machinery, so I am working on making appointments to sell those. Whatever isn't sold when Jeff and Suzi pack up the workshop will come home with me.

It was a very stressful day for me yesterday. I wish some people would remember that I lost a husband, too, and didn't need the extra stress forced on me yesterday.

Thank good for Jeff and Suzi - they have been nothing but kind and compassionate to both Mom2 and me.


deb said…
Selling a well established workshop is an enormous undertaking. Moving one as extensive as that one involves an incredible amount of savvy, time, and manpower. I've done smaller shops and even managing those is unenviable. You've done a wonderful job with a gargantuan inventory! I'm amazed that you have accomplished so much in such a short period of time...really and truly.

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