Ahhhh, a real bed.

Finally, after almost two months of sleeping on an air mattress, I slept on a real bed last night. My bed. Kline's Furniture delivered the new bedroom set yesterday from noon -2 pm. Vivi stayed with me while the delivery guys (two of them) were here. We talked with them and teased them a bit and they were good-natured. The dresser w/mirror was longer than my old one, but fits in well. The wood is called cherry, although it matches the old pine door and window frames of the house - like it was made to be in that bedroom.

The armoire is bigger than I thought, too, but the TV fits in it perfectly. The bed is HUGE. King size, like the old one, but being a platform bed with a set of four drawers underneath on one side, it's really high, almost like the beds in the 1800s or so. I had gotten Guin some Doggy Steps and I had to order the additional step. She needs it. The headboard is a bookcase with two lights inside and a drawer, so I don't have to worry about nightstands.

That's one thing about the room, even with the old king sized bed, we couldn't fit in regular sized nightstands. People have asked me why I got a king sized bed even though it's just me in the house. It's because I've pretty much always slept in one for at least the past eight years and almost every hotel I stay at has a king sized bed. I like them. So there.

I love it when my dogs can me people laugh unexpectedly or go "awwww" and that happened yesterday. When the delivery guys first came, I put Bandit and Guin in the bathroom. But then I had to let them out when the guys needed to use the bathroom to maneuver some of the furniture into the bedroom. This is when Guin came bouncing out, jumping up in the air and dancing in a circle and basically had this goofy grin on her face. The delivery guys burst out laughing, so did Vivi.

After she and Bandit settled down and realized there were things going on in the house and to stay out of the way, they got into the same dog bed together. Not the huge one Bandit usually sleeps in that can fit the two of them. Of course not. Had to be the small one that is Guin-sized. So there they were, one of top of the other, looking like two peas in a pod.

The delivery guys brought something in and both went "Awwwwwww." Vivi laughed and thought it was the cutest thing ever.

Those dogs are the best.

Vivi and I went for a late lunch at Inn at Long Sands, because our favorite restaurant was closed for vacation. It turned out to be a fortuitous decision. The owner, Arline, chatted with us and we ordered French onion soup. It was delish! While we talked, it came out that Vivi is a massage therapist. Arline was thrilled! She has guests who come in looking for a massage. So Vivi is going to drop off some brochures and cards and offer a special discount for hotel guests. Then Vivi was telling Arline about my work and now Arline wants to set up a lecture and book signing for me in February or March! Wow!

Vivi helped me put the new comforter set and feather topper on the bed, then hugged me and left me to putter in the "new" bedroom. It's definitely a "girlie" room now. The walls are a soft rose, the curtains are white with crystal-like spangles in them, the comforter set is gold and silver. It's a warm room. Cozy. Comfy.

I finally got exhausted, made some Chai green tea, took an airborne and settled in the living room to watch TV and read. My cop friend, Dave, called and we talked for a long time. I have a book signing coming up where an alleged cyberstalker has threatened to show up and it's in Dave's jurisdiction, so he's going to have security there for me. This is when I could use Chris - he was always my "bodyguard" and loved doing that. I miss him.

Went to bed at night. Had to be up early to put trash and recycling out, then heading to Dad's workshop to meet some ship model folks to see if they want to buy any of the equipment. I have several other people who are into woodworking (one guy makes his own furniture) who want to buy some things, so I hope this all goes fast. If the equipment doesn't by the time Bluejacket comes to clean out the workshop, I'll have it moved to my basement and go from there. I know there is anxiety about getting the basement cleaned out and it's happening just as fast as we can make it happen and not any sooner.

Now off to take my shower, get my coffee and hit the road.


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