Equipment is continuing to go

I've had a couple of more people come by both workshops to pick up some more of the equipment and more are coming Sunday to the house here to look at and buy more, then come Tuesday to get some more. I even have a high interest in the lathe, the most expensive piece ($1,500 OBO) from two people. So it's first come, first serve, LOL.

Tuesday, Bluejacket is packing up both workshops, starting with Dad's first. I'll be meeting them at the workshop there Monday afternoon to go through the logistics, do another walkthrough, etc. I'm picking my Mom up at lunch, because I leave for St. Louis on Wednesday and she can spend time with Mom2, which will be nice for both of them. They like each other a lot.

Tuesday morning, my Mom and I will meet Bluejacket at 8 am to get them going with the packup. They have high hopes to be done by noon, then will head over to my house to pick up the things there that they want. I will be so glad to see this done with.

Then, when I get back from my trip and have the time, I will find someone to move the more expensive pieces of equipment to my house and donate the rest to the local high school (for a tax writeoff). I promised Mom2 that Dick, Bill, Vivi and whoever else I can find will come over and help to a basic cleanup of the basement so that she doesn't have to pay someone a lot of money to do it. The less she has to do, the better.

And once the equipment is gone from my house, I have a contractor friend who is coming in to help me design and build my office in the basement. That way, I can turn Chris' office into a guest room, renovate and enlarge the bathroom and either make my current office a small guest room or a storage area. I haven't decided yet.

One step at a time.

I am honestly exhausted. All I've been doing the last two days is running around. I have a lecture/book signing tonight, then an appointment in the morning in Portsmouth, then I need to get home and work on finishing up my presentation for the Cyber Crime Conference next week.

I'll pamper myself tomorrow night with a bubble bath, dinner and maybe a glass or two of wine. Sunday more people come over to buy things, then I get to rest again before the craziness of next week starts.

I rented the movie "Crank" and couldn't get through the first five minutes. I hate it when they do the crazy camera jiggly, jump cut, special effects thing. It gives me a headache.

Monk and Psych start tonight! I'm taping them to watch when I get home and for tomorrow night. I love those shows. Then Heroes starts again on Monday!!!!

When things calm down, I am going to treat myself to a much-needed vacation. I promise.


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