Chittenden Bank Sucks

Chris had gotten his motorcycle loan through the dealership, who uses Chittenden Bank out of Vermont. The interest rate was reasonable and we put enough down so that the payments were about $125/month.

When Chris died, my lawyer said to keep making the payments until the life insurance came in, then pay off the loan to get the title.

So I did.

I get a phone call last week from a woman saying they did not receive the December payment. I doublechecked the payment coupon book from them and my checkbook. I sent the check out on December 15th. I told her holiday mail may have held it up because other checks I sent out at the same time were also arriving late. She suggested I put a stop payment on it. I asked if they were going to pay the $40 fee for that. She said no. I told her I'd rather wait to see if the check got to them. She was pretty pissy about it and said if it didn't come by last Friday, then I would have to pay a late fee on it.

I asked her what the payoff amount was on that day. She told me. I informed her that I planned on paying it off this week and she told me to call back and I would be given the payoff amount.

So on Saturday, I get not one, but TWO "default" notices - one of them sent certified, claiming two payments were now late. Say what? I checked my checking account and they got one of the payments, so they were lying.

What in the hell is wrong with this bank? NO bank or credit card company I have ever dealt with over the years has EVER called when one payment late. And I never missed more than one (even then, that happened only once when I was in between jobs in my much younger days).

I *always* pay my bills on time and I was really ticked I got two default notices.

So today I call to get the payoff amount. I was told by "Holly" that only Christopher could get it, even though I told her that the woman I spoke with last week gave me a payoff amount then. I informed her he was dead. She told me they not only needed a copy of the death certificate, but a copy of his will showing I was executor of his estate.

What in the frelling hell is this B.S? I am PAYING OFF A LOAN. Why do they need to see his will? Not one of the other credit card/loan companies asked for it. All they asked for was a death certificate.

Some people are just so damned rude. She didn't even say she was sorry about my loss.

I am not happy.

I called the collections department, asked for the woman I'd spoken to last week and she is no longer working there. But, the guy who answered was more than happy to give me a payoff amount. He didn't ask why, he didn't tell me he had to speak to Chris.

I wrote out the check, hopped in the Jeep (which is the only thing I can drive because of the darned ice driveway we have right now - even the plow guy couldn't get rid of the ice), went to the local Ocean National Bank branch (they're part of Chittenden), paid off the loan and that's that.

I hope Holly has a wonderful day.

Whatever you do - do NOT get a loan through Chittenden Bank.


deb said…
The mentality of certain financial entities is amazing. When I was in FL, I received two water bills (rightfully as one was for inside water including sewer charge, one was outside irrigation). I added them together to pay and misread my own writing. I read a 7 as a 1, in the hundredths column, making an error such as $74.21, rather than $74.27. Within a week I received a notice that my water would be turned off if I didn't pay the "overdue" amount within 48 hours. It cost them 5 times the amount for the postage on the notice! This after paying on time for over 15 years!

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