Kennebunk Free Library talk & book signing

I left the house at 5:45 to drop off a DVD at the video store and some mail at the post office, then headed up Route 1 to the Kennebunk Free Library to do an online safety talk and book signing. I drove through Dunkin' Donuts for a cappucinno - it was coooold last night.

Got to the library and brought my stash in and met Mamie. She had originally booked me in November, the week after Chris and Dad died and I had to cancel. She gave me a hug and told me she admired me for being so strong to get back to work so quickly. I told her that working kept my mind off of things for a short while and that is a good thing. She took me to the room I'd be speaking in. If you are ever in Kennebunk, Maine, visit this library. It's worth it just to walk around and see the beautiful woodwork, paintings and other things in this historical building.

A man was already there while I was setting up. I asked him how he was and he said, "Why do you want to know?" I laughed and said he must be Wayne, one of the cops from the Kennebunk Police Department. He was. He had come to protect me in case the crazy cyberstalker guy showed up. He's also their computer tech guy and is going to be taking forensic courses soon. I may have news on this later.

I saw that Rich and Ellen from Kennebunk Book Port were there to sell my books. They did not know about Chris. When Mamie had called them to cancel before, she told them about Dad. So I told them about Chris. Rich was really upset - he and Chris had met this past summer and had swapped military stories and had really gotten along. He was shook up and they both hugged me. I came thisclose to breaking down. Thank goodness I'd taken a xanax before going out.

I set up my laptop and had brought portable speakers with me so that I could show the video I like to show when I talk to parents about Myspace and keeping kids/teen safe online.

People started filtering in, Bob (a friend of Dave's, my cop friend, who had helped me sell Chris' firearms and accessories) came with his aunt. More people came and a total of about 20 showed up. It was a really good crowd.

I have to say, this is the first time I've done a lecture at a library where they actually served red and white wine with the refreshments. I was really surprised at that.

My talk went very well and I gave away some goodies, then took a bunch of questions. I sold a few books and by the time I'd packed up, it was almost 9 pm - I'd started my talk at 7 pm.

Mamie hugged me again and told me to stay strong, then handed me:

I was very surprised and touched. They're beautiful.

Dave showed up and he and Wayne helped me bring my things back out to the Jeep. I said good bye to Wayne, then gave Dave something I thought he'd want of Chris' - a plaque with a CD and engraved with the time he was an instructor at Ft. Meade in Maryland at the Defense Information School. They gave it to him when he left. I thought Dave was going to cry. He told me he's got a special place on one wall in his office with a USMC tie clip, a medal from Kuwait that Chris had gotten when he was in Desert Storm, a USMC flag I gave him and now this. He was pleased as punch.

I drove home and Bandit and Guin were very happy I was back. I gave them snacks, then watched Monk and Psych, which I'd taped. They were as good as I'd expected. I had some chips and salsa (I hadn't eaten dinner earlier), then went to bed.

I actually slept to 6 am this morning. I'd been getting up at 4:30 almost all week. It felt good to sleep "late."

Getting my nails done this morning, some shopping, then home to work on my DoD Cyber Crime Conference presentation and do some things around the house. Tonight is going to be a lazy night - just relaxing.


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