Good news, good news, good news!

First, the guy from the monument place called and apologized all over for the mistake in Chris' name on the headstone. I explained to him that as long as it can be fixed, I didn't mind. Then I told him about Chris and "Murphy's Law" and told him it got a laugh out of me. He seemed relieved.

Second, I had lunch today with the girl I'd met on the plane on the way home from Minneapolis. She'd been having problems from the cancer surgery she'd had and I helped her and her husband on the plane and when we landed. We've been in touch via email and finally got to catch up with each other today. She looked good - much better than when I saw her. She had had bronchitis after coming home and that on top of the surgery wore her out. We talked for a while, had our lunch, then she bought a copy of my book (I gave her my publisher's discount) and promised she was going to come to my talk/book signing at the Kennebunk Public Library on January 19th.

Third, and most important (and they *do* seem to come in threes, don't they?), I got a letter from Chris' life insurance company. Since it didn't look like a check, I really was not happy when I opened it. But it was just a letter telling me they would be paying the full amount of the insurance policy, plus interest. This means I don't have to worry about losing the house. I am so relieved and so happy.

My friend, Vivi, is coming over for dinner tonight. I called and told her we're having champagne. I can finally relax a little about the finances in my life and work on putting my life back together - get the workshop cleaned up and out (some ship model folks are coming this weekend to see what they want), clean up the workshop downstairs here, clean out Chris' office to make it a guest room, move my office downstairs and have the bathroom redone. The tile is old and falling apart and I have always wanted one of those spa jet bathtubs. Now I can do it.

You can't imagine the relief I feel and how lucky I am to have the family and friends I have. When I called my mom to tell her about the life insurance and burst into tears, I had to tell her they were happy, relieved tears, not sad ones. Not this time.


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