The (im)maturity of "adults" knows no bounds

Wow. These gamers are really ticked that I'm not fond of the bullying game coming out. They are actually advocating that victims of bullies beat the crap out of the bullies. When I mentioned in one interview that retaliating is not the answer and that makes the victim just as much of a bully, the fur really flew.

One "man" who used the name MANHUNT666 emailed me:
"Ok. I'm 26 years old. WHen I was in High School I was bullied. I did what you recommend. It DOESN'T work. In the case of bullies, violence is the ONLY way. I'm not saying beat the crap out of him with baseball bats, but a punch to the nose ended my bullying pretty quick, only if I had used it sooner. Whether or not you like the game doesn't matter. Myself along with millions of other people are going to buy this game, and enjoy it."

Well, bully for you! (pun definitely intended)

Another wrote:
" However, I do take issue with your statement that someone who is defending himself from a bully is only a bully in return. Bullies by definition attack people weaker, less confident, and in a position, real or perceived, without the means to correct the situation. A defending victim has to overcome these odds to at best have an equal playing field. This makes them not a bully or an aggressor, but a confident individual who expresses that he will not take abuse. I also question your comment that retaliation can only escalate the situation."

It will. Believe me, we see it every day in the cases we get at WHOA from adult bullies as well as kid/teen bullies.

Here's a gem:

"Just wanted to say that you are clueless regarding the game "Bully".
I know Rockstar is so easy to target as the worst video game company ever but the games they make are usually directed to people who are 18 and over. just like horror movies. Ever seen Friday the 13th? Ask any 14 year old kid who the main character in Friday the 13th is and probably at least half will answer correctly. Why? Because they watch these movies! It doesn't matter if it's R-rated. They watch it. But do you see kids hacking people with chainsaws? NO!! (Ok sometimes but very rare) "

Sometimes, but very rare? LOL. Which means it *does* happen. Yeesh.

And please don't "Karate Kid" me. The main character in that movie entered a karate competition after training for it and did get back at the bully in a wholesome way. Not even the same thing we're talking about here.

There's right and there's wrong. Beating the crap out of a bully is wrong. In this litigious society, you know the parents of the bully are going to sue the "victim."

Or the original bully may decide to borrow a gun, get a knife or something else and come back to school the next day and physically harm or kill the former victim.

Violence is not the answer.



Anonymous said…
i was bullied in gradeschool and highschool. the few times i tried to fight back? made the bullying worse because the girls that were picking on me were larger and stronger than i was. i learned that by ignoring it and avoiding them, i didn't get picked on as much and i was less likely to have my head kicked in.

yes, there's a reason why bullies pick on people smaller than them... they can't fight back! and when the smaller ones *do* try to, they wind up worse for wear. :/

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