The Finches and the conference

On Monday night, I had dinner with Jay and Elizabeth Finch. Jay is the web host for the two WHOA web sites, my personal site, Chris' web site and the Net Crimes site. He's a very cool guy who has been a "temp" for Cox Communications for almost four years now. The last time I saw them was in 2004 when they had been together for a bit. Now they're married (in March was the wedding)! Elizabeth is a real estate agent, so if you need to buy a house in the Atlanta area, give her a shout!

They took me to this wonderful restaurant, Mirage Persian Cuisine. I love different kinds of food and this was the best. I had chicken kabob that had several spices on it, sour cherry rice, stuffed grape leaves and for dessert, pistachio/rosewater ice cream and Turkish coffee.

They are a very cute couple and finally going on their honeymoon - a cruise in Europe. Have fun, you two, and take loads of photos!


I hit the Cox Security Conference before lunch to listen to the speaker talk about different ways terrorists attack. Great before-lunch talk, ha ha. Lunch was good and I met up with Lionel and Otis, who I'd met at the last conference in 2004. I sat with Jeannie from the Cox Auto Auction Division (seriously - they also publish Auto Trader magazine) and she and I became best friends throughout my stay. She's a hoot!

After lunch was another speaker talking about the war in Israel, then I was up. I crammed a lot into an hour and then Bob Brand from Cox and I took questions. I found two things they need to add to their online usage policy for employees and they are going to jump on it.

I sold most of my books and got so many great comments. Bob said I was the most favorite speaker of the conference. Hooray!

I'll write about the exciting dinner/entertainment (it was, really, I'm not being sarcastic) later.


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