I was overtired yesterday and running around doing errands. I stopped off at Rite Aid to get a small thing of wine for me for dinner. Chris is very good about not minding me having a drink once in a while and I don't flaunt it in front of him. I also got some wind chimes and a sun catcher for the yard. I went to check out and the cashier, a young guy in his 30s, looks at me, the wine, then asked me for my ID.

I blinked. Asked if he was serious. He said yes. So I showed him my license and told him that he made my day. He said I don't look anywhere near my age.

Sweetie, I'm married, but I am so over the moon you were flirting with me, ha ha.

One of the other cashiers, who I see a lot, was laughing. I told her to keep this guy on the front registers.


Forgot to mention yesterday that the radio host who was foaming at the mouth about the bullying game insinuated that I was becoming a zealot and that pretty soon WHOA was going to send out press releases for the sake of getting media attention. I was extremely offended by that remark. And still am.


Took Guin for our walk to the beach. Got asked for directions again. We always get at least one person stopping to ask us. Here are some of the places lately we've been asked for directions for:

1) The funeral home

2) Sun and Surf Restaurant (where the employees wouldn't let Chris make a phone call to me when his motorcycle broke down). I told the couple where this place was, but told them that Lobster Cove was a much better restaurant. Ha!

3) An address on Broadway. I didn't know we had a Broadway in town. Turns out it's near the lighthouse.

4) The beach (Me: "Keep going straight." Them: "Then what?" Me: Well, if you continue going straight, you'll get wet.")

And we always get people who break into a smile when they see Guin bouncing along. Everyone thinks she's a puppy. When I tell them she's 13, they say, "13 months?" Nope. 13 years. Their eyes bulge out at that. Kids love to pet her, but she's afraid of kids. I don't think she ever quite got the concept of "little people." She only likes adults.

We saw all white dogs (like Guin) yesterday. Must have been the color of the day.


Chippy is now sitting on my knee stuffing his cheecks with sunflower seeds. We finally found the batteries for the video camera and will try to videotape him soon. Maybe I'll send it that animal videos show!

I'm glad Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig of Fox News are safe and sound. I had tears in my eyes when I saw them on TV this morning, especially when Steve broke down when he hugged a friend. God bless you both!


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