If you want to be taken seriously as a "journalist". . .

then don't post on your blog that I'm a "slag."

Definition of slag from the Urban Dictionary:

1. An individual who cares not for relationships beyond the realm of the sexual, these people sleep with many partners not caring about anything save for the moment of climax.

2. Rubbish that is not worth the time or effort of paying attention to it, but none the less draws one in. Used to describe unpleasent situations.

(there are other definitions)

He also posted one of my copyrighted photos and invited people to respond to his lovely post, which one person had already labeled me a whore.

Our press release about the bullying game is ticking off gamers, who are showing how immature they really are by contacting me, pretending to be media and railing against my opinions of the game. I don't mind if you don't agree with my opinions, but don't act like 12-year-olds. Geezus.

As for the "slag" guy, after I emailed him asking him to remove the photo and telling him he would not get an interview with me after what he wrote (was he high thinking I'd let him interview me?) and filing a DMCA complaint with his web site host, he emailed back, apologized and removed both the photo and the comment.


Chippy is a cameraholic. First, he let me take photos of him with my cell phone camera, then I brought my digital camera out to take photos of a hummingbird who has been coming to our feeders. When Chippy came up on the porch, I decided to get some photos of him. He let me. Then he jumped up on the railing and well, see for yourself. I'm waiting for him to start doing centerfold poses, ha ha.


ravyn said…
i see you have a budding career as a nature photographer, hehe!

By the end of the year i bet lil' Chippy will be weighing in at two pounds..... you'll have to rename him "Hefty".

JAH said…
Oh hardy har har. I think he's running off the calories chasing away the other chipmunks.

He knows a good thing when he sees one and refuses to share me, even with the birds!
deb said…
"12 year olds"? You're giving them far too much maturity credit! What has actually ceased to amaze me is that there are so many people with nothing better to do with their time.

Chippy is so darn cute! Chip and Chippette are doing well here. Chip has developed an intimidating presence that has begun to ward off even the most persistent squirrels. He sits on top of his food bowl and just gives them a look that would kill and they back down. Chippette waits until guardian Chip has done his thing and then she joins him for a meal and stuffing. Then they play tag on the deck for awhile.
ravyn said…
That's funny, territorial little guy!

i do love that action shot of Chippy speeding towards you, that is so cute!

i had fun feeding the bats last week at a resort in St. Lucia. We were eating dinner at a restaurant right on the water, and when the bats came out to fish, i threw pieces of french fries out to lure the fish to the surface. But the bats went for the french fries instead! The waitress said the bats know that people throw food out there and the come to get it.

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