You know. . . Radio Blackout, more

You know, I really hate when people try to read between the lines in my posts to this blog. Chris' mom called last night, all upset because I posted in my blog the *2nd day* he was in the hospital that he wanted to make sure his will was up to date. It makes common sense to do that. And it made me realize I didn't have a will either. She was claiming we were hiding something from her (like he was dying or something) and she wanted to talk to his doctor. This not only upset his mom, but Chris as well and stress is not good for Chris right now. We're pretty sure we know who told his mom this and we are NOT happy about it.

Mind you, I told his mother we were going to have wills done in person when I saw her and Dad at their house. She already knew we were doing this. So why now is she all upset? Because someone made her upset.

Chris is NOT dying. Pancreatitis is a serious illness, but it will go away eventually. It just takes a while. Chris was right in wanting to make sure his will was okay (which our lawyer says it is, now I just have to have one done for myself and we're going to have Power of Attorneys done for each other, just in case something happens in the future).

I wish people would stop taking things out of context to get others upset. It gets me mad.


So, the radio show I was to be on the other day. . .they called. I waited for the intro, said "Hello," then there was a weird sound, I could barely hear the host, then there was nothing.

A friend was online at the web site of the radio show to listen to it and he kept IMing me updates, which went something like this:

DM: Dead air
Me: What now?
DM: Music, elevator music
Me: No phone call back, weird.
DM: Dead air again
Me: Wait, she just called. They had an equipment power failure
DM: Some announcer came on and said they were having problems.
DM: More music.

SO that was the gist of it. I was rescheduled for January. Oh well.

Hey, it's never boring around here.

Today is a lazy day. Chris is snoozing. The dogs are "dead" - Guin is crashed in her bed in my office and Bandit is on the bathroom floor. It's still hot out, but not as bad as yesterday. The weather bug claims it's 71 degrees outside. Feels warmer. I may take the dogs for a ride in the car later, then give them a Frosty Paws dessert to cool off.


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