Note to self:

Self, do NOT wear your Net Crimes & Misdemeanors hunter green polo shirt when walking Guin to the beach.

I wore it yesterday, with my NUMA baseball hat and aviator sunglasses. I had people beeping at me, so I waved. One woman stopped her car to ask me for directions to a store. No biggie, I get people asking for directions all the time.

We got to the beach and I saw this family taking photos on the sidewalk. So I snuck up behind them and stuck two fingers up behind this guy's head. The women with him burst out laughing. Guin and I walked on. Since I had my iPod on, I couldn't hear what they were saying, but I think I made their day.

More beeping. I waved. A guy fishing off the shore caught a fish. I saw a man sitting on the rocks and asked him what it was. A striper. Cool! He waved at me as we walked on. We rested for a bit on a rock to watch people on the beach, then headed back home. We passed the man on the rocks and he informed me that the seagulls were getting into the bait bag of the guy fishing. I told him he should shoo the seagull away and keep an eye on it (jokingly). He did. Hmmm.

One of the local bike cops rode by and waved at me. I see him just about every day. That's when it hit me. All the York cops who patrol the beach wear polo shirts, shorts, hat and aviator sunglasses. The York PD name is over their left breast. Even though their shirts are a dark plue, I realized that the name of my book, over the left breast, took up about the same amount of space.

These people probably thought I was a cop. Tee hee!


When I got home, Chris was on the phone with the doctor. His pancreas numbers were down a bit, but still high. As long as they kept going down, he could stay home to recuperate. Yay!

I did a lot of weeding out front today, then whacked the heck out of some tall grass near the driveway and prayed no snakes would come after me. We have a family of them in that general vicinity every year and I try to leave them alone. I went inside after and Chris was feeling blah.

I told him to get dressed and we'd go for a ride. We went down to Kittery where I ran into Starbucks for a frappucinno for me. He didn't want anything, although he snuck a few sips of my drink (bad Chris).

We went to the grocery store, Chris picked out a cooked turkey breast for him for dinner. I got eggplant parmesan and he went to wait in the car. Just that little bit wore him out.

He crashed in bed when we got home and is still napping.

Almost time to take Guin for her walk to the beach. No polo shirt today!


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