Muy caliente

Yipes, it's hot. And I'm in Maine! The high was 98 degrees here today. How do I tell Guin I can't take her for her walk because I'll probably faint from heat exhaustion? She's giving me those big eyes "Let's go mom!"

Bandit has just been laying on the floor. I haven't seen him actually move and think he's just pushing his body with his hind legs and sliding along the floor when I'm not looking.

Even our A/C is tottering. I set the thermostat to 75 degrees and it's hovering between 77/78.

No bath for me tonight. Maybe a lukewarm one.

Chris is better. He had his bloodwork done this morning, then we had breakfast at the hospital cafeteria. He wanted to get his hair cut, so I dropped him off at Geraci's Barbershop and he regaled Tom and Sharon with his hospital stay and his "great (almost) escape."

I ran across the street to a cool women's clothing store and bought some sweaters for the winter. Thinking cool!

I took Chris home, caught up on email and then went out to get his other new prescription and dinner. We decided on salads. I didn't even want to microwave anything tonight.

We've got lots to watch On Demand and I have reading to catch up on as well. The new "24" magazine came in today - yay! And the new LOST magazine - double yay! (I'm a geek, I know it)

Debbie, a good friend, sent Chris the cutest little teddy bear that had "stitches" on it and holds a Get Well balloon. I named him Boo Boo. Chris loves him. She sent me a good luck coin - a 1911 british six pence she found in a piano. I'm putting it in a special pocket in my wallet as a good luck charm.

I should be able to announce one of the things I've been hinting at in the next week or so. It's a big one. Believe me. I'm on a mega diet because of it.

You're dying to know, aintcha? I'm not gonna tell! I don't want to jinx it!

Here's to a cooler day tomorrow.


Anonymous said…
Quit complaining, at least you have A/C!!!!!
Gee, what a pain. You sure know how to keep people wondering about this deal!
Check something for me...I think the six pence is from India. British currency from 1911, of course, but has my brain cooked in the heat?

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