Before I get to the good stuff. . .

Some things I forget to mention from the trip:

Atlanta was definitely Hotlanta and riding MARTA was easy to do.

All I wanted was a darned Cox t-shirt. They gave everyone who attended the conference a Cox leather backpack with two notebooks and a thermos. With the new airline restrictions, I just couldn't fit the backpack in my luggage. And while everyone else got a t-shirt, I didn't. And one woman who worked for Cox (who was weird and apparently didn't like me, for whatever reason I don't know) wouldn't budge to give me one, even though there was a large box of ones that hadn't been given out yet. So I called Jay, our web site host and made a trade with him. I gave him the backpack and two notebooks (I kept the thermos) and he's sending me a Cox t-shirt.

My tummy is better and I'm going to try lasagna tonight (Chris is making it).

We had an adventure today. He decided to take his motorcycle out for a ride. In the rain. Told him not to. I get a phone call. The motorcycle broke down. Told you so!

But what's worse is that where he broke down was only a mile and half from the house in front of a restaurant called the Sun & Surf. He went inside to ask if he could use the phone to make a call for help. He told them he'd broken down. They told him no! Even though it was a local call to me. So he trudged through the rain across the street to the Anchorage Inn and they told him no as well. What nice people (sarcasm injected here). For crying out loud - he broke down and needed help. All I can say is if you go to York Beach, Maine, DO NOT stay at Anchorage Inn or eat at the Sun & Surf Restaurant. Customer service, my ass.

After calling AAA and finding we have to pay extra for motorcycle tow coverage, they agreed to send a tow truck and we'd pay cash for the tow. I got to the beach, only about a mile and a half from the house and we waited an hour and a half for the tow truck. Chris was soaking wet and not happy. And no, he couldn't walk the bike home - it weighs over 500 pounds.

What was great was that the huge tow truck pulled in front of the driveway of the Sun & Surf Restaurant so that no one could go in or come out until the motorcycle was loaded and gone. We were hoping someone from the restaurant would come out and complain so that we could yell at them.

Sadly, no one did. I hope we hurt their business.

Finally got the motorcycle home.

Now for the news. Oh wait, here's the link to the Atlanta photos first. When you click on the link, scroll down and enjoy all the photos.

And now. You asked for it. I did it before the fall, when I said I'd do it by.

Yes, Chippy the chipmunk ate out of my hand and even more! Click on the photo to see all the photos and the surprise one at the end!

A little addendum about Chippy. The day before I left for Atlanta I mowed the lawn in the fenced in back yard (it's my thing and I like doing it). As I was mowing, going toward the propane tank, I suddenly saw a brown ball of fur come flying out from under the propane tank. I stopped the mower just in time to miss running over a chipmunk.

No, not Chippy. This is one I've seen outside the bathroom window. I call her Sweetie (no, I have no idea how to tell what gender they are. I'm guessing). She is redder in color and has a longer tail than Chippy.

So Sweetie is staring at me, panting and scared. I talked calmly to her and noticed Chippy next to the propane tank, standing up on his hind legs and making that chittering sound chipmunks make. She looked at him, at me, then took off. He looked a t me as if to say "Harumph." and took off.

I told Chris and he said, "Great! We have a Sopranos chipmunk trying to off the other chipmunks!"

It is pretty funny when you think about it. But Chippy is adamant about keeping the back yard and deck his property. I saw him again chasing off two other chipmunks. He's fierce for such a little guy.


Anonymous said…
Awwwwww, he's so cute!
Hmmmmmm, ??? Hotel
Some news here, too. Clue - I'm slowly learning...

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