Yoga with Bandit

Yikes. I think I'm going to have to have my dog, Bandit, do yoga with me from now on. I'll have to call it Doga, though (ha ha).

I usually do an hour of yoga every other day in the living room. My fave yoga "master" is Rodney Yee. It took me a few yoga DVDs to find someone who I "clicked" with. The one I love right now is Power Yoga Total Body Workout. I do the first hour of it. I am just not limber enough for the rest of it yet. Especially the scary bend over backwards on the floor moves. Yikes!

Anywho, Bandit decided to plop down in the middle of my yoga mat.

And didn't move the entire time.

I ended up doing my stances around him and actually got more of a workout than I usually do. I was sweating like crazy when I was done. Good Bandit!

Chippy is getting possessive and demanding. Now he sits on the porch on the lounge chair and "chirps" until I come out. When I settle on the chair, then he leaps up and runs into my lap. I have him eating off my knee now.

Chris wants to videotape him when the weather clears up.

Chippy is mad that two other chipmunks have gotten brave enough to sneak into the backyard to the bird feeder when he's with me. He actually took off and sat on the fence post this morning and "chittered" at them, scaring them away.

But as soon as he was back in my lap, they sneaked back in. It's kind of funny.

We got some bad news about a relative who is pretty sick. Dealing with that now.

But I may be able to announce the good news I mentioned earlier - very soon.

Waiting for confirmation before I can do it publicly.


deb said…
You are such a tease. A hint, then wait, wait, wait. Another hint, more waiting. lol

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