Two radio interviews coming up

One interview is this afternoon at 4:30 pm EST on TechTalk Radio. It's pretaped, so you'll have to listen to it on Sunday or check the site when they post the interview.

The other is Fran Silverman's Radio Show, the one where the power went kaplooey on me earlier this week. She rescheduled me originally for January, but called today to let me know a slot was available on Tuesday August 22nd at 2:30 pm EST. So mark your calendars and call in - this is going to be a LIVE show.

Chris snoozed a lot yesterday. We still haven't heard from his doctor about his bloodwork, so I am guessing that no news is good news. Or else he would have called and told Chris to haul his butt back to the hospital by now.

We had lobster last night, since that is one of the few foods his tummy can tolerate. I know, poor Chris, huh? Ha ha.

My speaking schedule is crazy busy - take a look at my Schedule page. So if you know anyone who is interested in booking me for this fall, they'd better do it quick. If it's a university or college, they have to book me through my agent, Wolfman Productions.

I'm updating my presentation for my August 15th speaking engagement at the Cox Corporate Security Conference in Atlanta. This will be the second time I've done a talk for them (they do their conferences every few years). It'll be three days in hot Atlanta. I wish these places would book me when it's more seasonal, like Atlanta in the winter and Minneapolis in the spring, maybe? Oh well. They're going to be taking all attendees and speakers to the Georgia Aquarium while there and I'll get to see our webmaster, Jay and his wife while there, so it'll be a fun trip. And the hotel is a Marriott that I stayed in before. I remember it being nice.

I hope to sell a lot of books - I'm bringing 20 with me, but hope to take orders for more.


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