Blade: The Series; Chippy; Chris update

I tape Blade: The Series marathon and am halfway through. I do like it, but enquiring minds want to know:

1) Are all vampires sticks? I have yet to see in this series, or for that matter, in vampire movies, any vampires that are of normal weight or overweight. Every one of them so far is either so thin on camera that they must disappear in real life (the camera adds 10-20 pounds - explain this to me please? Why can't they make a camera that films you at your actual weight?) or bulked up from weightlifting and/or steroids.

2) On Blade: The Series there is a virtual "rainbow" of vampires. A Native American Indian, Brit, Asian (doesn't define which country she's from yet), American, I'm assuming Fritz was supposed to be German, African-American (or African, I can't tell because this character hasn't spoken yet). I'm waiting to see the Mexican vampire (I'll give you taco kisses. . .of blood!), Puerto Rican (so that's where the chupacabra really comes from), Italian (he really gives you the kiss the death), Swiss (blood is better than chocolate), Bermudan (awfully natty in those Bermuda shorts), Russian (dance like a bear before I bite you!), etc.

3) So, where are the gay and lesbian vampires or are they all bi-sexual?

4) How about the transvetite or trans-sexual vampires? Where are they? Or the drag queen vampires? Come on! I want to see vampires of all kinds, people!

5) And how about the pet vampires? If they bite a dog or cat, will it live forever, too?


Chippy was a bit standoffish yesterday, sitting on one post near the porch, breathing heavily (no, I wasn't wearing lacy jammies) and looking behind me. I kept turning around, but couldn't see anything. He finally came to the post near me, grabbed his food and skedaddled. The birds were keeping away, too. Hmmm.

About an hour later, I looked out the bathroom window and there was a hawk perched on one of the fence posts. No wonder all the animals were so jittery. I wanted to get a photo of the hawk, but it flew off before I could.

This morning, I went out and the birds and Chippy certainly made up for yesterday. Birds lined the fencing, chirping away at me. I put food in their dish, then went to feed Chippy. He actually ran right up to the post next to me and watched as I raised my hand. He tried to figure out how to get the food from my hand. I held my breath. He came thisclose to eating out of my hand!

He finally backed off and I put the food on the post, talking to him quietly. He, for once, actually sat there and nibbled on a nut instead of stuffing his cheeks and taking off.

The birds were going crazy in the birdfeeder. I've never had them not be afraid of me and they were all over. Finches, cardinals, titmouse (if there's more than one, are they titmice?), mourning doves, and some others I hadn't seen before.

Chippy stuffed his cheeks and took off. I let Bandit out (remember, Chippy thinks he's a giant chipmunk) and the birds still didn't leave the yard). Chippy came back and ran down the fence, around my legs, in the garden, stopping to pop up on his hind legs to look at me, then went to the bird feeder. He passed right by Bandit, no hesitation. Bandit was a big hunter before he became blind, so he would've pounced on Chippy before this.

An exciting day for the Chippy!


Chris let me take him to Kittery Trading Post yesterday. There was a used gun he was thinking of buying. So we went. While he was upstairs in the gun department, I hit the women's department and they were having a huge sale, so I picked up a bunch of shirts for my trips. I went upstairs and he was at the counter, looking a bit pale. He asked me to take him home, so I did.

He relaxed on the couch for a bit. He's out of Percocet and I keep telling him to call the doctor to get more. He doesn't want to be dependent on it, but darn, if he's in pain, just take the darned stuff. He's been trying Tylenol, then Tylenol PM to help him sleep. They aren't helping.

I took Guin for her walk and we timed it right to go on the beach. Dogs are allowed on the beaches in York only before 8 am and after 6 pm. She was excited and bounced on the sand and we chased each other around. She is so cute!

Went home and Chris was still feeling blah. I'd picked up some chicken breasts, so while I took a quick shower from the walk, he cooked the breasts up, with some Italian pasta salad.

We watched some TV, then he hit the bed.

He finally called the doctor this morning. Ever since he left the hospital, his sugars have been going up, even though he's being really careful about what he eats. It was high enough this morning for him to call the doctor. Now we have to wait to see what the doctor says and hope he won't have to go back in the hospital.

I have to do a lecture in Sanford tonight. Thank goodness it's not far from home.


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