Was feeling blue, now I'm better

I had a wonderful Monday, then Tuesday was okay, but went downhill quickly and Wednesday and yesterday I was in a total funk. I couldn't eat, sleeping was bad and I just couldn't shake it. I did my treadmill, yoga, V2 came to get me yesterday for lunch and shopping and I was just feeling blue as heck. I admit I cried - I was very emotional. And no, it's not "that time of the month." I haven't had one of those since my hysterectomy over 10 years ago.

Then, for whatever reason, I woke up this morning with a smile on my face and feeling very, very happy, a complete 360 from the last few days. I don't know what happened. The only dream I remember having I am actually thinking about writing as a short story (my dreams tend to have a beginning, middle and end), but it was a horror story dream (does that make sense?). So it wasn't any dream I had last night.

And I have a happy, anticipatory feeling in my stomach. I get these feelings sometimes - good and bad, and they're never wrong. I just know something good is going to happen today and I can't wait!

On the work front, I'll be very busy next week with three engagements - one in Wakefield, Mass on a true crime panel with Kate Flora and another author; the other two in Connecticut for two libraries. I'll be driving down, but leaving the dogs with my mom here at the house. I need to get away by myself. The hotel I'm staying at is a Comfort Inn and has complimentary limo service to the Foxwoods Casino. I have some free time Friday night, so I just may do that and see what music acts are there. I'm not a gambler, but they're supposed to have good shows. I'll drive back on Sunday and take my mom home Monday.

Fox News called and was trying to find two parents - one that was "for" Webkinz.com (a web site kids are crazy about) and one against it to debate the safety of the web site. Since three of my sisters allow their kids to be on Webkinz.com and I've had my nieces and nephews show me how it works, I know it's a very safe web site. I told the producer this and said she was going to have a hard time finding a parent against the web site, but if she did, one of my sisters would be happy to go on TV to debate that parent. I was going to be interviewed as the expert. The producer got back to me and told me that the just couldn't find anyone against Webkinz.

Too bad they can't do a positive story about that site. But the media loves controversy, so what can you do?


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