V2 is a riot!

V2 called me yesterday after lunch to check in on me. I know she worries about me. She came over to pick up her cigs, which she left at my place the other night. She went through the events section of the Sunday paper, then said, "How about miniature golf?"

I figured, what the heck? I needed a break. I had been doing updates on my web sites and needed some fun. So off we went to a local miniature golf place. A lot of people were there, so it took us a while to get through the 18 holes. I thought for sure she'd kick my butt. Even though she won, it was 61-63, so I didn't do so bad after all!

We were thirsty, so she drove to Capn Simeon's, where they used to have an outside deck bar. No longer. She asked if I'd ever been to someplace called Muddy River. Nope. I guess they're noted for their pulled pork and beef brisket. Again, what they heck? She was driving!

We got there, walked in and wouldn't you know, V2 knew the bartender. This happened when we went to Lobster in the Rough the day before - she knew the manager there. So she hugged this guy named Sean and it was "old home" week. We sat down and I ordered chili and a beer. She got the beef brisket sandwich and a cocktail. A guy sitting next to her at the bar began talking to us. He looked like the leather/chains guy from the Village People, LOL.

He got around to asking how old we were, guessed V2's age pretty well, then asked if I was her daughter. I shit you not. The look on V2's face made me feel bad. I personally think she looks wonderful, but men have this weird perspective on age. Rob thought I was 38. This guy said 39. I laughed and told V2 that's why all the younger guys have been hitting on me. It's flattering, but geez.

So V2 was a bit miffed and went out to have a smoke. The minute she left, the guy leaned over and asked if she really was my mother. I burst out laughing and said no, we were good friends.

Sean got off duty and came around to sit between V2 and me. That meant Village People guy decided to stroll over and sit on my other side. Lordy.

He was bragging about his six pack abs and I tried to ignore him. Then he asked if I was married. I told him bluntly that my husband died. I figured that would get rid of him. It usually does. Not so lucky this time. Sigh.

Sean and V2 had gone out to smoke and came back in and V2 saw I needed help, so she told Sean about my cyber crime work. So I began talking about that. Village People guy said to me, "You should have told me what you did for work" and practically ran out of the place.

We all laughed. I guess he's one we'll see on "To Catch A Predator" soon, ha ha.

My booking manager had sent me two CDs. V2 was really grooving Amy Winehouse, who I love, so when we left, she cranked up the volume and we boogied as she drove. It was starting to rain, so she said, "Let's stop by Deb's, get out of the car, crank up the stereo, dance and leave."


So we did. The look on Deb's face was priceless.

There V2 and I were dancing in the rain outside of her car, laughing and Deb finally laughed. Her son was dancing behind her and thought we were hilarious.

V2 dropped me off at home and I made some chai green tea and took some airborne. Heaven knows I can't get sick! I had to do my Fox news interview this morning, so I hit the sack early.

The interview went great, I had a ball with Ted and Ray, as always and can't wait to go back on again. They keep me for a half hour now and I answer phone call questions. It's worth the toll fare. You can't buy this kind of publicity.


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