Hard day so far

Rob came early to work on the new office, so I "did my time" on the treadmill and told him if I was laughing, it wasn't at him. I've got NPRs Wait wait. . .don't tell me! on my iPod (they're free downloads on iTunes) and it sometimes is truly hilarious.

Afterwards, finished cleaning up in Chris' old office to get the desk ready to move downstairs later. Rob and I went to the old Home Depot to see what was left - everything there was at 70% and I found some new tile for the bathroom floor which ended up costing me just $7/box (9 square feet per box) because it wouldn't come up on the computer. The guy checking us out offered it at $7 and I jumped at it. Got some recessed lights and flourescent light tubes for my new office. We then went to the new Home Depot, which is pretty much around the corner from the old one. Got the trim wood Rob needs to finish off the doors and such, some electrical stuff and other odds and ends he needed.

When we got back, he began staining the wood and I came up here to unhook Chris' computer and put it aside. Then Rob came up and took apart the desk and moved part of it downstairs. He had to wait for Chris' friend, Eric, to come to move the main part - it was just too big for him to do alone.

Eric popped in around 3 pm, bought the Cycle Shell from me and helped Rob move the rest of the desk downstairs. We grilled some burgers (actually Rob did) and sat and talked and ate. It felt like old times when Eric would come over to hang out. Except Chris wasn't here this time.

The three of us went downstairs to chat in the driveway while Eric smoke a nasty old cigar (ha ha), then they were off on their way.

I came back upstairs to put dishes away, then went into Chris' old office. It looks so empty without his desk there. It kind of hit me hard. I didn't think it would. I thought I'd be okay. I started to cry. And I got mad at him again for leaving me like he did.

It was fun having Rob and Eric eat with me and talk and just be there. Now the house feels so empty. Guess I'll have to watch Farscape or LOST tonight to fill the place with sound. I need my fix of one of them, ha ha.

I'm a little better now. Crying is good for one's soul and lord knows I probably needed it.


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