Black bag alert!

I ended up doing some grocery shopping and hanging out at home yesterday, then took the dogs for a ride by the beach to laugh at the tourists, then got some fried clams for dinner. I had an excellent wine called Lolonis Ladybug White. I highly recommend it. I am going to have to try their red next time.

Got up this morning, put on my workout clothes and since it was so nice out, got Guin ready to go for a walk. Chippy was chipping outside the front door, so I went to put some sunflower seeds in his dish. As I began to walk back inside, I saw something in my parking area out front.

I frowned. It was big and black. I walked towards it and realized it was a black duffel type bag, zipped up and sitting plop in my parking area. It was an expensive looking leather. Why would someone leave something that expensive in front of my house?


I called the police, told the dispatcher a bag that didn't belong to me was in front of my house and could they send someone to come get it. She said someone would be right out.

So I sat outside waiting. The bag didn't move, so nothing alive was in it. The crows didn't try to attack it, so nothing dead or food-like was in it. I was kind of hoping it was a bunch of money or something a stupid tourist left. What I was not hoping for was a bomb. You just never know these days.

I waited some more.

Some cars slowed down to look at the bag. One SUV with NY plates actually stopped and two guys stared at it, saw me and took off.

I called the police again and politely asked when a cop was going to show up. She said they were "tied up" and someone would be there shortly.


So I waited some more.

Finally, a cop car pulls up and it's a cop I know. I walked up to the bag with him and what does he do?

He kicks the bag.

I kid you not.

I love York cops, LOL.

I jumped back when he did that and he laughed.

There was a luggage tag on the zipper with "World Poker Tour" embroidered on it. Definitely expensive leather. I'm still hoping it's a pile of money inside.

The cop unzips it.

It's filled with empty Coors beer cans.


The cop pulls out the name card from the luggage tag and it hadn't been filled out.

He shrugged.

"You want the bag? It's an expensive one."

I kid you not.

I told him no thanks and asked what he'd do with it. He said he'd place it in front of the dumpster at the police station, sans the cans.

He asked how I was doing and if I needed anything. He's a nice guy. Too bad he's married.

He threw the black bag in his trunk, waved and took off.

I almost doubled over from laughing so hard.

Local cops rule.


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