A lovely Saturday, Amy Boyer, dogs who pee, ship models, more

Yesterday morning I took a runner (rug) to the local laundromat to wash in one of those triple loader machines. The reason is that Guin's new meds means she has "accidents" and chooses this rug to pee on. Oy. It took me *three* washes to get the pee smell out of it. While it was washing, I ran errands and checked out the flea market next to the shopping plaza the laundromat is in. What a bunch of junk. And a lot of these people have tables there every week. I said hello to one woman at her table and asked how she was doing. She replied, "I'm poor" and glared at me.

Well, excuuuuuse me. I walked away from her table. If you're going to sell things at a flea market, don't snap at potential customers.

I got home and V2 called to see if I wanted to go out with her for a few hours. Sure. We went looking for a croquet set for her friend's kids to play with (no luck), then went to The Lobster Barn's Lobster in the Rough, which sits behind the main restaurant. I never knew this place existed and I've lived here since 1998.

A blues/jazz band was playing, so V2 and I got a beer and sat at a picnic table to enjoy the music. It was fantastic! We stayed for one set, then went to the The Meat House to pick up dinner. I got jumbo shrimp marinated in cilantro and lime for me and she picked up some marinated meat tips for her, Deb and Deb's kids. She dropped me off at my place and I discovered Bandit had peed on the floor. He does this sometimes when he's mad if I don't spend enough time with them. How can I tell it was him? The pattern of urine. Seriously. Males pee differently from female dogs. Hey, after 15 years, I know how my dog's pee looks (ha ha).

I cleaned that up, fired up the grill, then made Bandit and Guin their dinner. I grilled the shrimp, sat down to eat and enjoyed every minute of it. I then watched more of Farscape. I'm onto the third DVD, which is five shows in. I ended up going to bed very early. I don't know why I was so darned tired.

Got up this morning and took the dogs out to get the Sunday paper after I hit the treadmill. Worked on the web sites and decided to update here.

Someone emailed me that they found the Amy Boyer original web pages at a web archive site. So I saved them and have added them to my book's web site. Amy was a beautiful young woman who was murdered by a cyberstalker she never knew. He then killed himself. Her family was traumatized by it and I became friends with them when it happened. They allowed me to write her story for my chapter about cyberstalking. Now you can read the original web site created by her parents and the web site of her cyberstalker, Liam Youens. What a truly sick young man. To read the entire story of what happened, you have to buy my book. It's at a special price - I'm doing free shipping for anyone who purchases it.

I also made the hard decision to part with some of the ship models that Chris' dad made that I have absolutely no personal attachment to. I am keeping many of them, but a few can go and I can use the money to pay off some things. If anyone is interested, email me and I'll send you more info. I also posted this on the Hitchcock Models web site, so please pass the info on if you feel anyone may be interested.

I'm going to be back on Fox 23 in Portland, Maine tomorrow morning at 8 am. It should be very interesting.


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