Mom's Birthday

V2 and I left with the dogs on Sunday at around noon. We raced to the store to get some shrimp to marinade on our drive up. We stopped off at a Dunkin' Donuts so that I could walk the dogs and V2 got us some coffees. Some cute guys on motorcycles were in the parking lot and waved at us when they left.

We got to my sister's after a trek to a store for cigs for V2 and my sister. My brother, his wife and one of my nieces were there, along with my sister, her husband and kids. The margaritas started flowing the minute we walked in, but surprisingly, I just wasn't in the mood for too much and couldn't figure out how to work the margarita blender right - I kept getting foam.

We had a blast. V2 read everyone's tarot cards, my mom loved all the attention and when it came to present time:

Then she got a cell phone from my sister and my brother did an impersonation of mom trying to use it and yelling "Can you hear me now?"

More presents for the mom! She loved the tickets to the Full Monty V2 and I gave her. The show is in September at the Ogunquit Playhouse and Sally Struthers plays the piano player. Nancy is going to come down to my place with mom so the four of us can have a girls day out!

Mom is an official "bag" lady with her fancy new Italian Via Spiga sunglasses (I gave her), her cell phone and her goodies.

Bandit doesn't do good on the road anymore. He kept me up pretty much all night, so I was more than ready to go home the next day. Even though I was set to take a nap, when I checked my email, Rob (the construction guy) emailed me that he was coming by that afternoon. So I stayed up and pretty much collapsed after he left.

This morning got my hair done, took Bandit and Guin to the vet for nail clipping and Guin for a cortisone shot and ear cleaning. I'm off to do some food shopping and get my nails done, then back so that Rob can do more work. He's been working his butt off lately!


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