Internet safety surveys

I got this in my email. Please pass it along and do take part in the surveys:

realname: PSU Capstone class
comments: To Whom It May Concern:

We are a Portland State University multimedia senior capstone class in Portland, Oregon. This class is the last class in a series of university required courses designed, in the form of a community based project, to broaden students minds and make them more critical thinkers. The class for this summer term, as a group, have decided to design online material in the form of a website and a blog dealing with the topic of online predators. We have decided to gear the material toward children (12 and under), teens, and their parents. We have put together a quick survey pertaining to each group and would ask that you use and forward these surveys on to those in your group to assist us in gathering data for our project.

You can cut and paste the following links for the appropriate survey into your browser's naviation bar, into a forum discussion, or in an email to others who would be interested/willing to take these short surveys:

Internet Safety Survey for Ages 8-12

Internet Safety Survey for Kids Ages 12 & Over

Internet Safety Survey for Parents or Adults

Please, feel free to forward these surveys on to others you know who may be interested in taking them. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns you may contact us by replying to this email, emailing the group, or by contacting our instructor. We welcome any feedback and would really like to share the URL of our website once we have it up and running.Thank you for your time and for helping us gather data for this project!


Multimedia Senior Capstone class
Portland State University


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