Net Crimes Newsletter - March 12, 2007

Net Crimes Newsletter
March 12, 2007

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Hope you don't live in Texas

House bill makes disclosure of Social Security numbers OK
Despite an opinion to the contrary issued last month by Texas Attorney
General Greg Abbott, the Texas House of Representatives Monday
approved a bill that would allow county officials to release Social
Security numbers under the Texas Public Information Act.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were
not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Extortionists, swindlers, ID thieves haunt Web, HPD vet says - 03/12/07
Since his retirement Feb. 28 from the Honolulu Police Department,
Chris Duque has kept busy talking to community groups and schools
about the hazards of computers in general and the Internet in particular.

Hacker attacks getting more targeted and subtle, says report - 03/12/07
Corporate IT managers should re-double efforts to guard against
targeted attacks, which will increase in scope and subtlety this year,
according to security experts.

Scam alert as robbers target your identity - 03/12/07,22049,21362164-5001024,00.html
THE promise of a holiday of a lifetime that turned out more like a
Stephen King novel, or software which promised to back a winner every
time but really turned the buyer into a loser.

Web also crime haven, FBI agent says - 03/12/07\
The Internet, while providing people the opportunity to get more
information faster than ever, has opened a new world to criminals and
terrorists. It's used for everything from child pornography to
terrorist recruitment and training, said Aaron Craven, an FBI agent
who specializes in cyber crimes.

IT snooping raises questions - 03/11/07
Most large companies rely on in-house technology departments to
monitor office phones and e-mail. Employees generally accept the
practice as necessary to protect business from rogue colleagues and
outside threats.

Woman Who Stalked Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt Allowed Online - 03/09/07
A woman who pleaded guilty in 2003 to stalking actress Jennifer Love
Hewitt will be allowed to use her computer again -- but only under a
librarian's supervision.

Audit: Some Md. employees view racy Web sites at work - 03/09/07
Two state agencies plan Internet training for employees after an audit
showed some workers routinely look at racy Web sites during working hours.

Cyber-stalker targets woman via cell phone - 03/09/07
There is a new twist to cyber-stalking. A young woman says a stranger
used an ingenious ploy to get her cell phone number. The young woman
fears anyone could fall into this trap.

Misuse of data has broad implications for organisations - 03/09/07
As computer systems become integral to the way businesses operate, the
increasing amount of information — particularly personal information —
that is stored electronically means the scope for misuse of both
systems and information has increased greatly.

Security Pros Lax At Protecting Their Own Computers - 03/09/07\
Who has the most secure telecommuting and home computer setups?
Security professionals would seem like a safe bet.

Cybercrime fear limiting e-trade - 03/08/07\
UAE internet users' fear of online threats is stopping them from
conducting transactions online, according to a study conducted by
security vendor Symantec.

Lawmakers Want MySpace, Social Web to Verify Age - 03/08/07\
Connecticut 's Attorney General is leading a group that wants to place
restrictions on social networking websites. Richard Blumenthal, along
with Democratic and Republican leaders of the General Law Committee
introduced a bill on Wednesday to do just that. Their legislation
calls for social networking websites like MySpace, Xanga and others to
verify users' ages, obtain parental consent to post profiles of
minors, and allow parents access to their children's pages. The issues
will put before a public hearing on Thursday.

Web opens up new avenues for harassment - 03/08/07
Harassment sounds like something that's loud and overt, but it doesn't
have to be.
Particularly in office environments, abuses of power such as
intimidation and sexual misconduct can easily be muffled behind closed
doors. Technology takes harassment a step further because, although it
increases our ability to communicate, it also makes it easier to hide.
That's where the problems start.

Court victory for man who took on spammers - 03/08/07;jsessionid=HAW153NU33HDDQFIQMGCFF4AVC\
A man who won damages of £750 after he was sent a single unsolicited
email urged other people yesterday to "take the spammers to court".

Harsh Words Die Hard on the Web - 03/07/07\
She graduated Phi Beta Kappa, has published in top legal journals and
completed internships at leading institutions in her field. So when
the Yale law student interviewed with 16 firms for a job this summer,
she was concerned that she had only four call-backs. She was stunned
when she had zero offers.

The stalking trend - 03/07/07\
Cyber-stalking has become a problem in colleges throughout the nation,
and some campuses are beginning to take measures to prevent it.

Man pleads not guilty in threat case - 03/06/07
A correctional officer accused of making terrorist threats against
Kern County supervisors, judges, a KERO-TV, Channel 23 employee and
others was charged on Tuesday with 26 felony and misdemeanor counts
including threatening state officials and stalking.


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