Busy busy busy

Peter came and went - a nice surprise to find out he got married in December! I am so happy for him!

I'm off the xanax and my blood pressure is down, probably due to the lack of drama the last two weeks. I am finally taking care of myself and my house, which I should have done before. I was worried too much about others and not worried about me, nor did they seem to be. Now it's "me" time. I am starting on my office, as my new couch and chair are coming this weekend and I need to put the sofa bed back in to use the office as a guest room for now.

Next is starting to sell things on eBay, mostly collectible magazines and books stacked up in my office. It's actually starting to empty out in here, ha ha. After that, I'll work on getting things out of Chris' office so that I can finally move his computer and desk downstairs to use that as a production computer. This will be for copying CDs and DVDs to send out as samples in press kits and to potential speaking engagements.

Then I have to work with my friend who is going to help me redo the workshop downstairs into an office for me and make a real laundry room set off to the side, and possibly add a half bath down there. It's going to be nice when it's finally done.

I'm getting more speaking engagements as well and thank goodness a lot of them are within driving distance, so I can take Bandit and Guin with me. So I'll be traveling quite a bit and fitting in everything else. There just is not enough time in the day.

I still have so much to do and sometimes it's overwhelming, but now that I can concentrate on that, I can take it one day at a time and eventually get the house and myself in order.


deb said…
It's so good to hear that you are *finally* giving yourself the attention you deserve! Pacing yourself on the home improvement things will make them enjoyable. It always feels real good to me when I sort out and reorganize my space. I'm in the process of doing just that with my workshop. Other than now having a huge load for the dump, I seem to be making some progress. It kind of boosts the spirits, and although tiring also rejuvenates and energizes.

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