Over the weekend

I've been so darned busy, it's not funny. I was cleaning a bit downstairs and then came back up here to move some more things out of my office. I'm waiting for a friend, who's a contractor, to get back to me about converting the workshop into my office. I need to get that done first before I can do anything more upstairs.

I also put a bunch of things on eBay and already some have sold with Buy It Now. It truly amazes me at how much some things go for on eBay and what people buy!

Ran around town and down to Kittery wit the dogs on Saturday, errands from hell, ha ha. Went to The Lobster Barn with V2 for dinner and although the food was very good, the people at the bar were, to put it bluntly, a bit low brow. I know that makes me sound like a snob, but I don't care. I love hanging out with people and at the conferences and places I speak at, I hang out with a variety of people, but these folks scared even V2. And she's hard to scare (believe me, she's a new age, love everyone type of person). We laughed when we left and said we're getting old and set in our ways.

Sunday morning I picked her up to go look at an apartment she was thinking of getting. She rents a room in a huge house right now, but wants her own place. The apartment is a one bedroom attached to a ranch house by a breezeway and is actually really cute and has up to date appliances. The wood paneling is kind of 1970s, but $450/month plus utilities (water is included in the rent) is really, really cheap for York. The owner of the house is in his 70s and needs someone mature and with a stable job and did not want to advertise such a low price in the local papers. That's because college kids who want to party would have answered. V2 has her own business and is around my age. She took it!

We went to a local restaurant called Rubys for lunch. I had pulled pork on a bun and it was greasy as hell. I picked at it, then ate most of the pork. The last time I went to Rubys was also with V2 and I had ordered nachos. They were horrible, but the restaurant had gone through some major renovations since then, so I was willing to give them a try.

I should have suggested going elsewhere. I was so sick later in the afternoon, that two cups of tea and a walk with Guin didn't help at all. I had to do the radio interview that night, so I took a nap from 6:30 to 8 pm, then tried to eat something for dinner. My stomach was still upset, felt like vomiting but didn't, I had a glass of milk and some ice cream. That helped. By the time 10 pm rolled around, I was okay to do the interview (which I'll post about later - it was a riot and two hours long).

I had more tea, then went to bed at 12:30 am and slept pretty much through to 7 am this morning. My stomach is still really upset, so more tea and I'll probably go back to bed. I feel lousy.


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