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WTF is up with LOST? If you're not watching it, skip to the next paragraph. If you are, you know what I'm talking about. The producers kept saying Paolo and Nikki were going to be "very important" to the LOST storyline. So WTF was this week's episode? It had nothing to do with anything and I sincerely feel they jumped the shark big time. And the show was getting so much better since it came back from hiatus. Next week's episode HAS got to be better or I'm going to be ticked off. Again.

I can't go into my court appearance this week, as it is going to be appealed. Let's just say the evidence showed that the defendant was responsible. But because of the confusing wording the judge told the jury and a very confused question from the jury foreman, we lost. The jury had no clue. So it will be appealed. It also didn't help that the defendant's lawyer was very familiar with the courthouse and everyone there. I felt we didn't get a just and fair trial. Blech.

It was very stressful - three long days. When I got up to testify, Chris' death came up and I started to cry, but made myself stop. The defendant's lawyer was not nice to me. I know they're not supposed to be, but he kept trying to get me to say something that wasn't true and I got pissed off. When I sat down, my lawyer wrote me a note and slid it to me:

"You look angry. STOP IT!!"

I actually laughed. Then relaxed.

I have been really good about everything lately. But for some reason last night, when I walked by the fridge and looked at the photo I have of Chris' dad on it, I burst into tears. It's a photo of him in October, before he got really bad and was still able to move around, laugh and smile. It's a nice photo of him. I miss him. He always called me "sweetheart."

Got up this morning, excited that my new couch and chair are coming this afternoon! I noticed Guin pulling at her fur on her left hip. I chided her and went to look and it appeared that a wad of gum was stuck in her fur. Oy. So I grabbed a facecloth. Scrub, scrub, scrub. Didn't work. Got some tweezers and gently tugged. She didn't make a noise, but nothing happened. It looked like pink gum. I finally got some scissors and snipped it off. All of a sudden there's blood. Uh-oh! I panicked and called the vet's office and they got us in within an hour.

Got there, with the pieces I'd snipped in a plastic sandwich bag. I was worried, thinking the worst - cancer. Dr. Ross came in and told me to relax. It was a "skin tag." A what? Basically a wart. He shaved off the hair around where I'd cut and he told me I'd done a great job. Geez, maybe I should be a vet assistant. He then checked Guin's ear, cleaned one out (it's infected yet again) and clipped her nails. I call her my little hypochondriac now. I then brought Bandit in to have his nails done. He was not happy. Bandit, I mean.

On the way home, Bandit grumbled and howled in the back seat. He was ticked off. When I was talking with V2, he was doing this and she was laughing. We went through the drive thru at the bank and Debbie, the teller at the window, laughed at him as well. He got an extra biscuit. Debbie wished Guin an early Happy Birthday (it's tomorrow - she'll be 14) and gave her an extra biscuit, too.

Got home and moved the sleeper I've been using in the living room away from the wall to vacuum and get ready for the new stuff. I also installed a new DVD player I got for the living room and moved the old one into the bedroom. I'd been using a portable one, but this 5-DVD changer is great. The new one is also a 5-DVD changer, but it was a steal at $100 at Best Buy and is HD-compatible. I know I'll be upgrading the living room TV sometime this year to HD, as well as the cable TV. As I was hooking up the DVD player in the bedroom, I could hear Chris telling me, "Good job, honey!"

I miss him.


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