It's Brrrrrry Cold

They say it's going to warm up tomorrow. When you can't wait to feel 30 degree weather, you know it's cold. It's been 2-3 degrees in the morning the last three days, plus the wind chill.


I didn't announce this before, but I have a "grief sponsor" (yeah, weird name). She's been wonderful. It's nice to talk to a third party who is not family or a friend. It's made me put things in perspective and realize that I have gone above and beyond for what I've done for others, but that some people forget that I also lost two loved ones and now it's time for me. Which is why I posted all that "me" stuff recently. She reassured me that I have done nothing wrong, I could not have stopped Chris from doing what he did, no matter what (I even talked to everyone he called that last day, except for the ones he talked to for 22 minutes just before he called me at the airport with his whacked out call. They don't need to be talked to. They know.) And that it's true you find out who people really are when someone you love dies. Most people surprise the hell out of you, while others act just the way you thought they would.

I've been getting things done in the house, the motorcycle is up for sale at Great Bay Motorcycles in North Hampton, NH; the Jeep is in the classifieds in several local papers and online (just type in 2001 jeep in the "enter a keyword" box and spread the word); I have two contractors coming by today to give me a quote on transforming the workshop downstairs into my office; things are flying at the eBay auction; and I'm doing more media interviews.

I also may go to Springfield, Illinois next week to testify for more online dating legislation! The dogs are doing great, my health is good, my family and friends are wonderful and I'm actually able to laugh. In fact, a group of us are going for a "girls night out" tomorrow night to a local place that's having some comedians. I haven't done that in ages.

So my life is coming back together and I am starting to smile again. It feels good.


Anonymous said…
I'm so glad that you are doing well. And, yes, it is very important that you take care of you. I think that your decision to sort out all that has happened with a "grief sponsor" has been such a good thing. I agree that objectivity is important to affirm that you *are* keeping everything in perspective. You're a super lady.

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